Asia Argento denies the return of the flame with Corona: "It was a game"

Asia Argento denies the return of the flame with Corona: "It was a game"

Asia Argento denies the flashback with Fabrizio Corona and talks about their bond

Passionate, chatted, complicated: all Asia Argento's loves

Asia Argento denies the flashback with Fabrizio Corona after the photos posted on Instagram in which the two exchanged a kiss. The actress, guest of Italian Stories, clarified what are the relations with the former king of the paparazzi with whom she lived a short love affair in the past. The two would have reunited, as Asia herself revealed to Eleonora Daniele, during the period in which her mother, Daria Nicolodi, was ill.

“When my mother was sick, he looked for me and encouraged me every day – he said -. Very few have done this: only my father and him. He is a very different person from what the newspapers say. Woe to anyone who touches me ”. Argento also spoke about the kiss that appeared on the Instagram profile of Nina Moric's ex-husband. "We did it for fun, for provocation," he clarified. The actress then claimed to have a very strong bond with Corona. “I am very fond of her family – she said -. He has an amazing family. Everyone knows him for his armor, a bit like what happens to me. He too is a person who has suffered a lot ”.

Asia recently faced the loss of her mother Daria Nicolodi. Beside her, in addition to Corona, her father Dario Argento to whom she is particularly attached. Relations with her mother have not always been peaceful, but the actress confessed that she suffered a lot for her death and that she is still trying to mourn. "I miss his kisses, who has a mother does not tremble – he confessed -. Now that I don't have it anymore, I tremble constantly. I learned thanks to her to be a mother myself. The doctors allowed me to hug her one last time ". Argento told about their life together in the book Anatomy of a wild heart, where, with great sincerity, she talked about her past, also remembering her partner Anthony Bourdain, a well-known chef who took his own life in 2018. "I always talk to him – has explained -. For a while I did it with regret: 'I'm so alone now, but why did you have to go? ”. Lately I've been cooking a lot with my son and I tell Anthony the good things. Mourning is something that you never know how long it lasts or what form it takes, it all lies in reaching acceptance ".

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