Asia Argento in tears for Bourdain on Instagram: "Two years without my love"

Asia Argento in tears for Bourdain on Instagram: "Two years without my love"

Two years after the death of her boyfriend Anthony Bourdain, the actress shows up on Instagram with her eyes puffy with tears

Asia Argento confessed her deep sadness to the death of her boyfriend Anthony Bourdain: the actress turned to Instagram to share her grief, showing a snapshot with swollen eyes from tears.

Do you want to see the pain? Here is the pain. There is no need for a filter. Two years without my love.

Bourdain's disappearance was a thunderbolt in a not-so-clear sky for Asia, who was already facing major court cases, such as the one for the Weinstein case and the one involving Jimmy Bennet.

Anthony, one of the best-known American chefs in the world for his genius and his wildness, decided to end his life on June 8, 2018, leaving the actress alone in a critical moment.

The disappearance of the chef has not yet been overcome by the Italian artist, who stressed that pain is still present after two years. For this reason, Asia has resorted to Instagram to exorcise the pain, aware that it would have attracted controversy in her comments.

The director is no stranger to social provocations, but this time no bad things were reserved for her. Indeed, many are to overwhelm her with love: first of all Andrea Preti, who has also returned from a recent mourning.

"Come on honey" is the comment that Andrea has reserved for Asia. The two are great friends and, although the rumors that they wanted them as a couple, gossip promptly denied, have not stopped showing their affection publicly.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Asia Argento remembered Anthony as the one who "gave her the two happiest years of my life": their love was strong and constant and knew no jealousy.

In the past, the artist has found himself denying a connection between his flirtation with Hugo Clément and Bourdain's death, since tabloids had insinuated that the chef had made the drastic decision to die for this reason.

Do people really need to think that he committed suicide for this? He betrayed me too, but it was never a problem for us. He was a man who traveled 265 days a year and when we met, we were very well together. But we weren't children, we were consenting adults. I can't think Anthony was the kind of person who makes such an extreme gesture for a similar reason.

Asia Argento in tears for Anthony – Source: Instagram

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