Asia, Fabrizio and that unstoppable desire to cause scandal


Asia Argento and Fabrizio Corona: new photo from "beautiful and damned". The web rules and we are left with a feeling of "out of time" …

Passionate, chatted, complicated: all the loves of Asia Argento

Asia Argento and Fabrizio Corona try again: after the photo together last week, they post a new image embraced and with a "lost" look, complete with captions to effect: "Trouble", "Trouble", he writes. "The highway code" she comments. That the two play to mess up the cards is evident. That they enjoy making people believe what – maybe – they are not, too. Without doubt they are two similar souls: instinctive, extreme, often pointed at and not always loved by the public. Who have paid dearly for certain life choices and positions.

"They are made to be together", declares the web, both on Fabrizio's page, with comments that are often censored and certainly not positive ("Two lost people", "Made and stoned for each other", "Sert vs Tso ") than on that of Asia, where the tone is more calm and in favor:" You are perfect together "," I believe that only two wounded souls can start together again because no one judges the other for the scars he sees, no one pretends to be something that is not… ”.

That said, playing the Italian-style "Bonnie and Clyde" on social networks, the beautiful and damned of the past, leaves a feeling of out of time. As if their shocked characters, which they have been carrying around for the past twenty years, have become a bit bored over time. Asia, then, alternating the attitudes and attitudes of a schoolgirl when she goes on television to talk about herself and her life, to those of a femme fatale on social media, seems not to have decided, at 45, which dress to really wear. Or maybe, it simply means that you can be “one, none and a hundred thousand” and, as Pirandello said: “We all have a world of things inside…”. And she likes to show them and mix them all. In which case: touché …

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