Asia to mom: "I miss your kisses, since you haven't been there I tremble"


Asia Argento entrusts her despair over the death of her mother Daria to social media. And with an exciting post, it hits the heart

Farewell to Daria Nicolodi, ironic and refined actress, muse of great artists

There are posts, phrases, messages that can hit the heart with just one image and 2 or 3 lines. Because in a few words they summarize a feeling, love or pain that is universal, that everyone has experienced and in which everyone recognizes themselves.

Asia Argento, who recently lost her beloved mother Daria Nicolodi, after the first posts announcing the death of her mother and the desperation she was feeling, in mind a little colder, she published a wonderful image of the two of them, which contains in a look, in a gesture, the love between mother and daughter, and expressed the essence of that bond in a few sentences. When a mother dies, at any age, in any way, the earth is missing under her feet. Because a part of you dies, your first point of reference, your lighthouse, your guide, but also and above all your safe haven.

I miss your perfume mom so much, the kisses we used to give each other. In the difficult moments of life I repeated to myself "whoever has a mother does not tremble". Here, since you are gone I can not stop shaking

There's really no need to add anything else. If not "Come on, Asia"

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