Asparagus detox effect: varieties and properties


The asparagus they are low in calories (20 per hectogram), are rich in fiber and purify. And this is precisely the best time to consume them, in the different varieties.

«Asparagus has great nutritional virtues. They contain precious antioxidants and provide an excellent supply of vitamins C and group B. They are diuretics and promote bowel function », confirms Dr. Maria Paola Dall’Erta, biologist chef. «Thanks to the inulin content, they also guarantee the well-being of the intestinal microbiota, because this substance stimulates the increase of good bacteria that keep the absorption of fats and sugars under control».

Asparagus is therefore excellent for a balanced diet.


Also called asparagine, they have a bitter but pleasant taste, and dark green shoots with purple hues. I’m thin and more fibrous.


Delicate taste and aroma, are widespread in Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia. Among the excellences those of Altedo, between Bologna and Ferrara: between 18 and 27 cm long with a diameter of over 16 mm.


They have a delicate taste and low fiber content and are widespread throughout Italy. Although the finest are those of Albenga with a beautiful deep purple color.


Tender, not very fibrous, with a sweet-bitter taste, the ones grown in the North-East regions are famous, where they grow in the dark and are considered the most valuable.


With a strong flavor, they are among the most common; their diameter is smaller than other green asparagus and is between 10 mm and 16 mm.

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