Asthma, what to do to avoid crises while doing physical activity

Asthma, what to do to avoid crises while doing physical activity

Physical exertion can trigger asthma. To live the sport without symptoms, here are some basic basic rules to follow

How is it possible to reconcile asthma and sports activity? Asthma can be triggered, in predisposed people, by various stimuli: allergic, infectious or chemical / physical such as pollution and physical effort.

Asthmatic crisis and sport

These stimuli may also be present at the same time and also become more powerful during exercise when the respiratory acts become more frequent and deeper. In addition, when we use oral breathing we lose the function of filtering the nose which allows heating, humidification and air purification. When a larger amount of cooler and drier air reaches the bronchial mucosa, it causes dehydration of the mucosa itself and changes the local blood circulation. The main consequence is the release of various inflammatory substances that cause bronchospasm and even severe asthma symptoms.

When the asthmatic crisis occurs only under stress, we can speak of "exertional asthma" but in reality those who suffer from asthma can have acute crises not for the effort itself but for the stimuli coming from the environment in which the sport is practiced ( outdoor pollens, mites in gyms, irritating pollutants everywhere).

In the world there are many athletes suffering from bronchial asthma who are able to experience sport even at a competitive level without problems. And it is essential for everyone, but especially for those suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, to strengthen the thoracic musculature which helps us to breathe correctly and increase lung capacity.

What to do

With the trusted specialist it is possible to study a personalized therapeutic plan to be able to experience the sport without symptoms and here are some basic rules:

  • Choose the right sport, in the right season. Depending on the stimuli capable of causing symptoms, we can change the type of sport (outdoor running, swimming, gym, etc. ..) in relation to the environmental conditions and the time of year.
  • Before starting to play sports we must achieve perfect control of asthma at rest: zero tolerance towards symptoms during normal daily activities in which we do not play sports and sleep. If the basic inhalation therapy eliminates the symptoms at rest, it is likely that acute crises will not occur even during sports.
  • Let's act like real sportsmen: the "warm-up" phase is fundamental for everyone. Not less than 30 minutes
  • If necessary, in agreement with our doctor, we use premedication: at least 20 minutes before physical activity we hire a bronchodilator (if we compete in the amateur or professional field, the prescription must be documented by a specialist opinion, with documentation for the Sports Federation to which it belongs for anti-doping purposes).
  • Bronchial asthma is a perfectly curable disease and if it is not under control it means that in the doctor-patient alliance someone is not doing their homework … We check our asthma or she will control us!

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