At Myrta Merlino's home: warm, welcoming and with character

At Myrta Merlino's home: warm, welcoming and with character

The journalist's house is very welcoming and the spaces have a unique style

Warm, welcoming and with some ethnic touches: this is the home of Myrta Merlino, Italian journalist, author and presenter, who since November 15 has been involved with L'aria di Domenica, a spin-off of the program she is the creator of and presenter since 2011: L'aria che tira, both on La7.

But where does the journalist live? His house is shown in all its beauty on Instagram. A magnificent house with a large garden and surrounded by a raised landing that can be used as a space for outdoor dining.

The house has a beautiful living room, the center of domestic life, which overlooks the veranda. From the images you can perceive all the warmth that emanates from the room: with an arched fireplace that embellishes the style and soft sofas full of cushions dedicated to moments of relaxation and reading. The living room is a space that denotes a very specific character, as is the rest of the journalist's home. The sofa is lavender and above there are many colored cushions, which recall the style of Provence. While the furniture and the staircase stand out for the dark wood. The floor is parquet and has a worn effect that gives the room even more warmth, while part of the wall is covered with tiles. The ceiling is high and has beautiful light-colored exposed beams, as well as a skylight and a large decorative arch. The room is illuminated by a large window. There is no shortage of books, which are placed on a wall bookcase always in dark wood.

To give character to the room the many paintings and photographs that embellish the white walls, but also a large table where you can see many frames and images.

For lunch there is a large crystal table with solid wood chairs and appliques on the walls that illuminate the room with a soft light.

Functionality and style, on the other hand, characterize Myrta Merlino's cuisine. The colors are very clear and the glass in the furnishings is opaque. To complete the whole, a central island and a half-moon worktop. The attic room is beautiful, where dark wood furniture and a comfortable box bed with a quilted headboard stand out. A room that transmits warmth also thanks to the many photographs and books that enrich it.

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