At the home of Rocio Morales and Raoul Bova, with a minimal and modern style

A casa di Rocio Morales e Raoul Bova, dallo stile minimal e moderno

Essential and modern, the home of Rocío Morales and Raoul Bova is warm and welcoming and tastefully decorated

A house with a minimal and modern taste, but not cold and aseptic for this: it is that of Rocío Muñoz Morales and Raoul Bova, a stainless couple and one of the most loved by the public.

The couple of actors decided to furnish the living room with an elegant and minimal style, but still making it warm and welcoming: the walls and floors are in fact a riot of dove-gray, beloved by both Rocío and Raoul, who chose it. also for other rooms of their home.

In their living room the curtains – always in warm tones – have a particular importance, which are made important by the false ceiling, designed precisely to embellish the light point. Note (and why not, copy to have a particular touch in your living room) the sofa with geometric pattern and vintage style. The black and white sofa also features rounded corners and thin feet, all typical features of the 1970s (and often it is also the perfect backdrop for the charming actor's selfies).

An essential home that of the Bova family, where the warm colors, so loved by the couple of actors, and the smoky glass of the retractable walls, one of the peculiarities of their home, furnish it. It is impossible not to notice the elements of good taste, refined and refined, which seem to come out of interior design magazines. Modern chic trunks, portrait photos and desenio prints enrich the essential environments, with a linear taste and attention to detail.

Even for the kitchen, the family meeting point, the couple opted for a modern design in earthy colors. As the images on social media suggest, the window on the hob has no curtains: a decidedly appropriate choice for the two actors, who can enjoy the natural light and the view outside while preparing food.

And finally, to embellish the wall behind the bed an optical effect wallpaper, an idea increasingly used by interior designers and all to be copied if you don't want to give up a touch of good taste. Raoul and Rocío's house is full of mirrors and glass walls to illuminate even more a house full of love like theirs.

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