At the spa to treat infertility

At the spa to treat infertility

Certain waters can assist conception in the case of intimate infections or nearing menopause

Can't get pregnant? Don't panic and above all don't rush to buy a one-way plane ticket to Australia. Maybe with the intention of taking a bath in the waters of the Kununurra waterfalls (where Nicole Kidman and five other women, all engaged in the processing of Australia, after diving, they all miraculously remained pregnant). Or to swim in the waters of the Edith Falls, in the park of Nitmiluk, in Katherine Gorge, to which Aboriginal culture entrusts similar virtues. There is no need: in fact, our wellness centers are increasingly numerous, offering specific programs to combat infertility. When the difficulty in having children is due to the approaching menopause or infections of the reproductive system, themal treatments can help give Mother Nature a hand. However, it is simply one of the many possible ways to increase the chances of conception (the causes of infertility are so many and different in every woman) and never miracles.

In the presence of previous vulvo vaginal infections, surgery on the genital system or pelvic inflammations, irrigations with healing waters can support more targeted medical therapies, help improve hormone levels and stimulate ovarian function. The salso-iodine and salso-bromo-iodic waters can be, for example, a real cure-all against the inflammatory processes of the reproductive organs and generate beneficial effects on female fertility. However, on their own, the waters of the treatment centers, with anti-inflammatory powers, can only be useful if supported by more targeted therapies. Also because every woman responds to treatments differently: some manage to get pregnant after just a weekend, others after several courses of treatment while for still others the benefits can be completely useless. Before undergoing these therapies it is always advisable to visit a specialist and in any case to perform some clinical tests for infertility, in order to be sure of the possible effectiveness of the treatment. We also remember that spa treatments such as vaginal baths and irrigations are affiliated with the National Health Service. It is sufficient to request a prescription from the family doctor.

Several spas on the national territory offer ad hoc gynecological therapies. The salso-bromo-iodic waters and the natural remedies of the Terme di Salsomaggiore, due to their great anti-inflammatory properties, can offer a remedy for intimate ailments and even some forms of female infertility. Recommended irrigations and vaginal aerosols, but also hot mud to be applied in the abdominal area to stimulate hormonal activity.
In 1968, on the advice of a well-known Swiss gynecologist, Sofia Loren stayed right here and after nine months, from her departure from the spa town, the famous actress could call herself mother. Ischia's waters rich in radioactivity are also beneficial for conception. Here you can choose to undergo thermal baths, also for couples, followed by treatments that sutimulate hormonal activity, or make irrigations and aerosols, a service offered by the island's municipal spas, with anti-inflammatory power.

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