Aurora, new love. Eros doesn't like it. Here because

Aurora, new love. Eros doesn't like it. Here because

Archived Edoardo Gori, a very well-behaved bad boy appears. Here's who it is

Aurora Ramazzotti, the sweet daughter of Eros and Michelle

Summer separated, each with their friends. And then Edo Gori paparazzato with another, the common friend Francesca Costa. And Aurora Ramazzotti? She consoles herself with friends. She saw her ex Jacopo again and then went to lunch with Federico, the ex bodyguard of mum Michelle.

A few days ago he posted on Instagram the photo of a very well-tattooed "bad boy" (to the Fedez, to be clear, but more physicized). Name Stephen James, model profession. And he writes: # madly in love. In zero time comes the comment of father Eros Ramazzotti: "He is fat and without tattoos, no good". "Ah, he has heavy breath and stinks," he adds. Ramazzottina replies: "Dad I'm in love as I do."

In short, a tender and nice curtain between dad and daughter. The singer worries about his firstborn, he is a daddy present. He takes it up when it is the case (like when Aurora offended the young Santiago De Martino, son of Belen), and defends it when it is needed. She had to do it when her Auri ended up in the hurricane for being chosen as host of the X Factor 9 Daily, accused of being a recommended. "Life goes like this," he wrote on Instagram. "There are those who have more possibilities than others." Open up or heaven! Instead of improving, the situation got worse, unleashing a fuss on the net.

After a month, Eros returns to the topic in an interview with Seven: "When there was this deadly attack on him, I defended it. Maybe I was wrong to write something, it was an instinctive reaction. But it is important to say that I did nothing for this work of his ».

"In the past, Auri had told me that it wanted to audition to sing. "Please don't do it," I replied. "Unless you prepare for three years and arrive with your apprenticeship, your experiences …". But as far as TV is concerned, I have nothing to do with it. I don't know anyone in this environment. " «Years ago, spending a lot of money, I produced records of two very good young people. I went to the radios to propose them: well, they all bounced me. And nobody has shit on them. '

So Eros didn't put his finger on it: «All the leaders of the network have decided, they will call you on the phone. It means it has potential. If she is the daughter of Ramazzotti and Hunziker, what should she do? Delete the name from the registry? Let's at least see how it goes. "

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