Aurora Ramazzotti as Michelle Hunziker, the new cut on Instagram is a charm


Aurora Ramazzotti cuts her fringe like mum Michelle Hunziker and the result is an enchantment

Aurora Ramazzotti announces on Instagram that it is time for changes and presents her new look that makes her more and more like mum Michelle Hunziker.

The beautiful Auri was obviously tired of always wearing her hair the same way, for some time now. The 23-year-old is lucky enough to have beautiful long, smooth hair, but now she's decided to have her bangs cut, just like Hunziker did last year. Hair stylist Roberto Ferruggia, a trusted coiffeur of the Swiss presenter, is studying the cut for her.

The new cut is a masterpiece and Aurora proudly shows it in Instagram Stories. A small but masterful stroke of scissors was enough to give Ramazzotti's face even more personality. The renewed look really likes Michelle's daughter who does not fail to thank the creator, obviously on social media, "Love you Roberto Farruggia".

Who knows the reaction of Goffredo Cerza, Aurora's boyfriend, who certainly can only appreciate this cut because in fact it is enchanting. The two are experiencing a magnificent love story that has lasted for years. Goffredo spent quarantine at the Trussardi-Hunziker home with Aury. And Michelle has repeatedly expressed esteem and affection for the boy who stole her eldest daughter's heart.

Some time ago there was talk of marriage between the two, but there is still no official confirmation. Meanwhile, they are enjoying the charm of their love. Meanwhile on Instagram Aurora celebrates their story with some sweet photos. A souvenir image from a year ago: the two of them embraced under a tree in the park while the autumn sun kisses them. Really a great romantic.

Goffredo and Aurora represent the perfect young couple with many things in common, from the passion for cats to that of fitness and many dreams still to be realized.

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