Aurora Ramazzotti, best wishes to dad Eros are very tender. And Marica Pellegrinelli chooses irony

Aurora Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti has turned 57 and Aurora Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli have found a special way to wish him well

Eros Ramazzotti turns 57: the women in his life, including his daughters

Really special birthday for Eros Ramazzotti. The singer-songwriter, who made the history of Italian music and continues to excite generation after generation with his songs, has turned 57. And his daughter Aurora and Marica Pellegrinelli dedicated a thought to him.

There are many who today wanted to celebrate Eros's birthday: from colleagues, such as Laura Pausini, to well-known personalities from the world of entertainment up to his fans. In fact, many have written messages on his social channels. The most important wishes, however, come from the two of the women in his life: daughter Aurora Ramazzotti and ex-wife Marica Pellegrinelli who, in a different way, had a thought for the singer.

Tender dedication from Aurora, who on her social media profiles, shared a beautiful image that portrays her hugging her father with a smile that transmits love, serenity and happiness:

We do not know – wrote Ramazzotti -, but we have known each other long before this life. We are linked by something greater. Greetings papozzo and many other tours around the sun.

And if Michelle Hunziker, Aurora's mother, preferred silence or, most likely, wish her daughter's father privately, the choice of Marica Pellegrinelli, who was Eros's wife for about ten years, was very different. until 2019, the year of their separation. The two had two children, Gabrio Tullio and Raffaella Maria and, for their sake, they remained on excellent terms.

The showgirl, to wish Eros birthday wishes, decided to resort to irony. On Instagram, he thus published an image of Ramazzotti, dating back to 21 June 2010, wearing a white tunic, with the song 'Jesus Christ Superstar' in the background.

A nice gesture, which made the singer smile, who wanted to share his ex-wife's image and dedication on social media, showing that he particularly appreciated his message.

In short, the manifestations of affection for Eros Ramazzotti were numerous: but the most beautiful gifts for him were the love of his children and the esteem of the women he deeply loved in the past.

Aurora Ramazzotti

Best wishes from Aurora Ramazzotti to her father Eros. Source: Instagram.

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