Aurora Ramazzotti confesses to Michelle Hunziker and Eros

Aurora Ramazzotti

Aurora Ramazzotti talks about the relationship with Eros and Michelle Hunziker, talking about the love for Goffredo Cerza.

Aurora Ramazzotti confesses to Michelle Hunziker and her father Eros, also recounting her love for Goffredo Cerza. The 23-year-old revealed to Corriere della Sera that she is very happy next to the boy who stole her heart. “She was in class with my best friend, Sara Daniele, Pino's daughter – he explained -. I had spotted him from high school, but I had to work a lot on self-consciousness: someone like him seemed unattainable. It happened that on January 1st I had ended a relationship, and for me it was a liberation. So I forced Sara to introduce Goffredo. Something clicked immediately, but for my part the approach was very goliardic. It was he who said: let's try. Now that three and a half years have passed, they seem to have flown by: just yesterday I thought that when I'm with him, time is never enough for me ”.

Goffredo and Aurora have been linked for several years now and their love has become, day after day, more and more important. The sportsman spent quarantine with the young Ramazzotti's family and is often on vacation with Michelle and Tomaso Trussardi. “Being with me involves many difficult things – he revealed -, it is no coincidence that people in the show tend to stay together with each other: they share the effort of always being in the spotlight. Having said that, the status that Goffredo has conquered is another. A dad, mine, who is not jealous at all. A super easy mom who opens the doors of her home to you. In the package it went well for him, and the same goes for me: he has a nice mother, a beautiful family, things between us are simple ".

Despite being the daughter of two famous people, Aurora did not have a simple life. More than once she has been in the crosshairs of haters on Instagram, criticized for her physical appearance. “I have always been exposed to criticism of the nth power – she confessed -. I was never beautiful enough, good enough, thin enough ”. Over time, Eros Ramazzotti's daughter has grown and has become an example for many girls, fighting prejudices and pushing fans to accept themselves for who they are. Just like Arisa, she has turned into a champion of body positive.

“I went into crisis more than once looking at the posters of some beautiful models – she revealed -. "Damn," I said, "I'll never be like this." Then this summer Goffredo took that picture of me with his professional camera, I had to send it to the specialist who is treating me for acne. Then I thought: “What a beautiful light! Too bad for the pimples, otherwise I would have posted it on social media … ". But then I stopped for a moment: “Who says I can't publish it anyway?”.

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