Aurora Ramazzotti, confessions about Michelle Hunziker and Marica Pellegrinelli

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Aurora Ramazzotti tells her story without filters, from threats with acid to the confrontation with mom Michelle Hunziker, up to the relationship with Marica Pellegrinelli

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Aurora Ramazzotti tells her story without filters, from difficult adolescence to the confrontation with her mother Michelle Hunziker to the bond with Marica Pellegrinelli.

In a long interview with Oggi magazine, the daughter of Eros Ramazzotti and Hunziker touches on some of the most significant, even dramatic, aspects of her existence. These include the threats of being scarred with acid that marked a turning point in his life:

In 2017 my mother received a blackmail email: if she hadn't paid, they would have scarred me with acid. From that day my life has changed radically …

The threats gave her a shake that transformed her from a lazy and divanist into a convinced sportswoman, making her lose 10 kilos:

With her mother Michelle Hunziker the bond has always been very strong, but the beautiful Aurora does not hide the difficulties during her adolescence when she was constantly confronted with the beautiful Swiss presenter:

She is a beautiful woman and I love her madly, I did not understand why they had to force things and create a confrontation that does not exist between us … The dictatorship of beauty exists only in Italy where to be considered girls must be showgirl clones.

Today things have changed, she feels "safer, partly because I'm older, partly because I feel better physically and I receive a lot of praise in addition to the usual insults". And so on her Instagram profile there is no shortage of photos and videos with mom, even amarcord shots like the one who sees her as a child in Michelle's arms and commenting she asks her mother why you wear the tracksuit for a professional shooting and why she has such eyebrows strange. The image receives hundreds of thousands of hearts and Hunziker promptly clears up one of the mysteries:

My love … you have inherited your wonderful eyebrows from your mother … big, but sparse with holes !!!!!

But in Aurora's life, in addition to the Hunziker, there is another important woman, Marica Pellegrinelli, now ex-wife of her father Eros Ramazzotti. The singer recently broke up with the model after 10 years of love and 2 children. Auri explains:

I'm also sorry to read completely free bad things. Marica is the mother of my brothers, she is a person who has been part of my growth, I love her and will always have a place in my life.

And about his dad he says:

My father and I are very close. Look, I have the Applewatch connected to his bike, every day I watch how much he trains and I call him. Over the years I have learned to be close to him in the right way … I respect him, he is a reserved person, which is why I am not talking about him.

The other man very present in Ramazzotti's existence is the boyfriend Goffredo Cerza: "We became friends and then love was born and with him I have always been able to be myself, including strengths and weaknesses". She is very jealous of him, woe if another tries to look at him:

I go crazy at the thought that another woman is stupid with him, if I then assume that she is cheating on me … I'm sick. I have stomach ache just talking about it.

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