Aurora Ramazzotti defends the paparazzi and throws a dig at Diletta Leotta

Aurora Ramazzotti

After Diletta Leotta's harsh outburst against the paparazzi, Aurora Ramazzotti takes sides in their defense

Leni, Matilda, Aurora and the courage to appear imperfect

Aurora Ramazzotti also intervenes in the delicate issue that, in the last few hours, Diletta Leotta has brought to the fore with a long outburst on Instagram: the journalist had in fact spoken of the excessive media attention given to her private life. Michelle's daughter now takes the side of the paparazzi with a social message in which she argues her reasons.

“I admire the profession of the paparazzo very much. I always thought they did a very difficult job ”- wrote Aurora in a long post on Instagram, captioning some photos that, in the course of her life, were“ stolen ”from her in all public and private situations. “I saw them everywhere, at any time of day, probably lurking for hours in the scorching sun, the universal flood or in a freezing cold. Acrobats, runners and sometimes even actors, disguised or blatant, ready to do anything to take the right photo ”.

Aurora has learned to live with their presence since she was very small: daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti, she found herself in the spotlight from the moment she was born. And in the course of all these years he has certainly accumulated considerable experience: “They have accompanied me since birth. Every now and then I enjoy retracing the various phases of my life looking at their shots, but it hasn't always been like this ". With great clarity, the young presenter tried to dissect the subject by thinking of both fronts, both that of those who sometimes work with great difficulties, and that of those who find themselves surrounded by paparazzi.

“I clearly remember moments of great despair. Partly because I couldn't understand why they wanted to photograph me and partly because there are years in which you would like to become invisible, let alone walk accompanied by the burst clicks of the lens "- admitted Aurora Ramazzotti. For her, who over the years has lived through the difficult confrontation with her mother Michelle, it must not have been easy to bear the criticism: "I was terrified of how I would look in the photos, of ending up in a newspaper and, most of all, I had the terror of the wickedness of the people that often and willingly ensued ”.

However, putting aside her difficulties, it is always with great clarity that Aurora took the defense of the paparazzi who, after all, are doing nothing but their job: "I have always had great respect for them and with some I have also made friends. I can't stand seeing them mistreated, even if at times they know how to be intrusive, they have a difficult job characterized by a thousand unknowns. But above all I always think that if there are, for those who do this job, it is always a good sign “.

Impossible not to see, in his words, a dig at Diletta Leotta – although she never mentioned her name. The sports journalist recently wrote a long post in which she lashed out against the excessive interference of the paparazzi in her private life. An outlet that has found the support of many other celebrities from the world of entertainment, and which nevertheless has not taken into account the other downside. An aspect that the young Ramazzotti wanted to bring to light with her message.

Aurora Ramazzotti defends the paparazzi

Aurora Ramazzotti

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