Aurora Ramazzotti gorgeous on Instagram: Eros and Marica comment

Aurora Ramazzotti gorgeous on Instagram: Eros and Marica comment

Aurora Ramazzotti shines on Instagram: dad Eros and Marica Pellegrinelli comment on the photo

Leni, Matilda, Aurora and the courage to appear imperfect

Aurora Ramazzotti is gorgeous on Instagram and Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli comment. Michelle Hunziker's daughter is increasingly beautiful and is loved by her fans. Among the latest photos published on social media by the young presenter, there is a shot in which she sports a look by Trussardi.

“Sunday with autumnal tones – wrote Aurora – (almost) total Trussardi look”. Shortly after, the young Ramazzotti explained that she had created the outfit to welcome her friend Sara Daniele. “In reality I made myself nice only for Sara Daniele”, she confessed from the house where she lives with her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza. "Love, I also like you with the suit and the hair", the daughter of Pino Daniele ironically replied.

But the sweetest comment came from Eros Ramazzotti who wrote: “Entertainment”, demonstrating once again the very strong bond with his daughter born of his love for Michelle Hunziker. The photo was also commented by Marica Pellegrinelli, ex-wife of the singer, who added a smiley face with red hearts. After the announcement of the divorce between the supermodel and the Roman artist, numerous rumors had circulated about a dispute between Aurora and Marica. A news denied in the facts by the parties concerned who, despite the end of the marriage between Pellegrinelli and Ramazzotti, remained very united.

On the other hand, the young woman has never hidden that she has a special relationship with her brothers: Raffaela Maria and Gabrio Tullio, which Eros had from the supermodel, and Celeste and Sole, fruit of the love between Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi. “I feel more like an aunt, not even an older sister – Aurora told Corriere della Sera some time ago -. I am very attached to them and curious to see them grow. But I live them like grandchildren ”. Ramazzotti had then expressed a desire: to reunite all her four brothers. “We will make it – he concluded -. Now curiosity increases, I always talk to each other ".

Aurora Ramazzotti

Aurora Ramazzotti

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