Aurora Ramazzotti in convalescence: "I'm confident"

aurora ramazzotti

After long days of isolation due to Covid, Aurora Ramazzotti is about to end her convalescence

Aurora Ramazzotti has faced difficult times, since she discovered she was positive at Covid. But a few days ago his health conditions began to improve rapidly, so much so that he could soon return to work. Live on Every Morning, the young woman shared her experience.

"I am on the 19th day of convalescence, in three days in theory I will be out of the risk zone and I feel much much better than the last time we heard, I am confident" – began Aurora Ramazzotti in video link with Adriana Volpe, in course of the last episode of his morning show. In these weeks of isolation, Michelle Hunziker's daughter has kept her fans company on social media, keeping them updated on the evolution of the disease and the symptoms she experienced.

“I was on average bad. This virus can have very negative implications and fortunately I have not had problems with the lungs ”- admitted Aurora. However, his path was not easy: "It took me both physically and mentally, I felt a general drop in energy, I could no longer get up from the sofa". For her, always so active and full of vitality, it was a real blow. Among other things, the disease lasted longer than a normal flu, so he confessed to having suffered from it mentally.

As for the symptoms, during the interview he revealed: "I lost my sense of smell and taste, it was a very strange thing, it happened from one moment to the next. I have recovered completely a few days ago ”. In fact, among his Instagram stories he had published some funny videos to communicate that strange sensation felt in not smelling anymore.

Her quarantine was therefore much more difficult than last spring, but she could count on the support of her boyfriend, Goffredo Cerza. Also positive, he has always remained by Aurora's side and gave her the strength to get out of bed every morning – even if only to move on the sofa, given the incredible exhaustion felt due to the Coronavirus.

But now Aurora is ready to make a great recovery, starting with the physical activity she loves so much: "I couldn't move, in those 10 days when I was sick. Now I'm trying to get back on my feet, for me sport is a way to get in touch with myself. It is a first step towards rebirth ”- he explained to Every Morning. And who knows that he won't give us a wonderful surprise by taking up his activity as a special correspondent for the broadcast of Adriana Volpe. The presenter is already waiting for her: “When you have two negative pads, we want you back on track”.

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