"Aurora Ramazzotti pregnant": Bianca Guaccero dissociates herself and leaves the doubt about Said Done


"Sorry, Michelle Hunziker, I have nothing to do with it": Bianca Guaccero distances herself from the gossip about Aurora Ramazzotti's alleged pregnancy. And he doesn't rule out going back to Detto Fatto next year

Bianca Guaccero distances herself from what ironically affirmed by Giampaolo Gambi on the alleged pregnancy of Aurora Ramazzotti that would make Michelle Hunziker grandmother. While rumors intensify on his conduct of Detto Fatto for the next television season. But let's proceed in order.

As is known, Jonathan Kashanian launched the gossip of the fourth sweet wait for Michelle Hunziker from Detto Fatto's living room, but she has not found confirmation. After a few days we return to the topic, this time however Gambi thinks that by presenting a new application of Tik Tok, he commented a video of Michelle and her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti: “Today we have a mother who is also a grandmother and a daughter who is also a mother dancing with us ".

Stalks, in short, would seem to give credit to the rumors of Aurora's pregnancy which would therefore make her mother Hunziker, grandmother. At that point Bianca Guaccero intervened to dissociate: "Sorry, Michelle Hunziker, I have nothing to do with it". In fact, Ramazzotti had already thought about denying the sweet expectation with a fun poll on Instagram.

If the beautiful Bianca dissociates herself firmly from her colleague's joke, she leaves some doubts about her presence next year at Detto Fatto. While other presenters are very confirmed, such as Mara Venier on Domenica In, and others are already engaged in new projects, such as Caterina Balivo, now at the sea, who has left Come to Me, Bianca still remains in uncertainty, or rather does not reveal too much of the his future (in the video above you will find all the news on the Rai schedule).

In an interview with Nuovo Tv he said: "I also had other important proposals on the side of the TV series. If I managed to reconcile all the commitments, I wouldn't mind going back. " Guaccero fans therefore still have some hope of returning to Rai 2 to keep them company. Meanwhile, Detto Fatto continues until 3 July.

And while deciding on her career, Bianca on Instagram reiterates that she is single: "I will understand that I have found love, when I no longer feel alone. Even if I can do it alone. What then is not true that I always make it. "

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