Aurora Ramazzotti recovered from Covid: tells on Instagram how she is

Aurora Ramazzotti

"He took me physically, but above all mentally": Aurora Ramazzotti tells how she is after facing Covid. And on Instagram he jokes in his pajamas

Aurora Ramazzotti has recovered from Covid and in the Instagram Stories she tells how she is experiencing this difficult post-illness moment, because the virus has taken her physically "but also mentally".

On the other hand, Aurora is still Michelle Hunziker's daughter and for this reason she always tries to bring a smile and put a lot of irony into all the messages she shares on Instagram. So, before describing the difficulties in getting back into shape and returning to the healthy habits of all time, she shows herself with a homely look that only she can afford: a pajama dedicated to Mickey Mouse with very short shorts. While the socks with lemon slices, worn with plastic flip-flops, do not escape attention. Aurora comments ironically: “Sexy and I Know it” (watch the video above).

Ramazzotti had communicated live on TV to Every morning, where she works as a correspondent, that she had tested positive and for this reason she was at home in isolation to be treated. After a brief pause of silence on social media, she was back to tell how she was. He lived through difficult days when he wasn't feeling well. But she never complained, assuring her that her lungs were not compromised.

Then things got better and she finally healed. Now begins the problem of convalescence and the resumption of all activities, including the workouts that he finds difficult to resume.

Aurora Ramazzotti shares her feelings in Instagram Stories, also because many of her followers like her are overwhelmed by laziness and can no longer train. Michelle's daughter tells us: “I haven't been training for 17 days, a record”.

“Every time you stop, it's like starting from scratch. I tell you this because it is a moment to compare ourselves to others, to ourselves from the past… to think that we will no longer be able to achieve those goals ”. Aurora adds: “And I'm not just talking about sport, because sport is a parallelism of life. We are in a stalemate that demoralizes everyone, myself first ”.

Then Aurora talks about how much the virus has marked her and how she is experiencing this new period of isolation: "I'm experiencing this lockdown a little badly compared to the last lockdown, perhaps because I had the covid even if it didn't go badly fortunately" . And he continues: “He took me physically, but above all mentally. So if you don't see me very present, that's why ”.

Finally, he launches his message of positivity: don't be afraid to start over, thinking you won't make it. “You have to give yourself some respite, give yourself time to recover slowly. We will all feel better ”.

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