Aurora Ramazzotti returns to talk about her problems on Instagram: "A swing of emotions"

Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti's daughter has updated her followers on how her battle against acne is progressing

Aurora Ramazzotti has already proved that she is not afraid to show herself on Instagram as she is in everyday life, offering an important lesson in self-acceptance. Now she is back to talking "without filters", to share with her many followers a problem that plagues her and against which she has been fighting for some time: acne.

The message was shared in a story in which she showed some images of her skin and told the emotions that come with it, without hiding the difficulties and fears.

“I'll update you, as sometimes someone asks me how it goes. It is so. Some days they hurt and are unmanageable while others I almost forget. Some days the skin looks like it is about to heal and others get inflamed like never before. Some days I repeat to myself 'you have to be patient' like a mantra, others I just can't. A swing of conflicting emotions, satisfactions and disappointments. Sometimes I see black and I think that the best years of my life (or rather, of my skin) are not enjoying them and I struggle to see clearly the healing… ”, writes Aurora Ramazzotti accompanying several images of her face. And then he adds: "Do you know when you hear yourself say 'ahh, you're twenty, will you see when you're my age'? Here, I'm afraid of not feeling privileged enough in the prime of my twenties when I should. Our skin speaks to us where we are unable to understand ourselves. It's just a matter of finding those who know how to listen and accompany you on your journey ”.

Already in July the daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti showed her face on Instagram in a very sincere and aware post, which has become a message to keep in mind for everyone about not being afraid to show themselves as they really are.

And today she still talks about her battle, to answer the many questions that have come to her and to instill strength in her followers, in fact she concludes: "To all those who live the same thing and even worse, I say don't stop looking for someone who knows how to the tongue of the skin. Don't rely on what you read online or on social media. And good luck".

Always very positive messages that make Aurora Ramazzotti a good example for everyone.

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