Aurora Ramazzotti returns to TV: she will be the correspondent for the new Fox program

Aurora Ramazzotti returns to TV: she will be the correspondent for the new Fox program

Aurora Ramazzotti is about to return to TV alongside Adriana Volpe: she will be the special correspondent for Every Morning

Aurora Ramazzotti is about to return to TV. Michelle Hunziker and Eros' daughter has never denied that she wants to work in the world of entertainment and, to do so, has always shown that she is ready to commit and make some sacrifices.

Aurora Ramazzotti, in fact, will take part in the new TV program 8 Every Morning and will support Adriana Volpe. According to what reported by Gabriele Parpiglia on Journalism, he will cover the role of correspondent and will cross the whole of Italy to tell interesting stories of more or less known characters. A great satisfaction for Michelle Hunziker's daughter, who dreams of becoming an established conductor.

Something, however, prevented Aurora from enjoying this moment, so much so that to make clear some things, the girl decided to publish a long message-outburst on Instagram. Often, in fact, she has received criticism from those who accuse her of receiving advantages from being the daughter of famous artists. And even if her participation in Every Morning, in fact, represents a real revenge, under a post in which she shows a video of her as a child alongside Eros Ramazzotti, the same still wanted to reiterate:

So I close this start of the day with memories. With my reflection, for those in this country who still do not seem to understand how natural the transmission of art from a parent to a child is. It is a question of skin, of heart. The way, the world in which we are raised, defines our essence without exception. A child much loved by a surgeon dad may become an architect but will always bear the sign of the passion of those who forged it. It is not so difficult to understand that you can even try to follow in the footsteps of your parents for the same reason.

In short, art has always been part of his life and, he has no doubts, art is destined for:

This video is beautiful because it tells a story: that of a happy little girl unaware of her privilege. For her, seeing art is normal, it flows through her veins and has always breathed her, she knows nothing else. He does not know that life will bring her back, through side streets, right where she was raised. But if there is one thing for sure it is this: the passion of his parents will be his forever. And somehow it is already engraved in its destiny.

Words, those of Aurora Ramazzotti, in which a close friend of hers, Sara, daughter of Pino Daniele, also met, who responded by encouraging her:

I don't understand why, but I find myself quite a lot in what you say. I hope that one day people will understand and see how much effort you have made (and alas you will still do) to make all your dreams come true.

Aurora Ramazzotti, remembering her moments as a child close to her father Eros, wanted to specify that all the success she is getting is thanks to her commitment, although the passion for this world is largely derived from that of her parents. And, we have no doubt, working alongside how Adriana Volpe will allow her to stand out and grow professionally.

Aurora Ramazzotti

The words of Aurora Ramazzotti. Source: Instagram.

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