Aurora Ramazzotti, the romantic dedication to her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza

Aurora Ramazzotti, the romantic dedication to her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza

Goffredo Cerza, boyfriend of Aurora Ramazzotti, graduated. Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti's daughter kept us making a special dedication

Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza have been together since 2016 and can be considered a well-established couple. In love with her boyfriend, the daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti did not miss a special occasion to demonstrate her feelings.

Goffredo, in fact, graduated in Engineering. After attending University in London, where he also met Aurora, he managed to achieve his goal and to wear the much sought-after laurel wreath. Obviously, she has always been by her side, especially on this special day.

Aurora Ramazzotti, to wish her boyfriend a rosy future, has kept us to make a personal dedication in which she confesses all her love and how much this has unexpectedly changed her. He then told how it was getting to know each other and getting used to each other:

It took me a while to get used to the feeling that gave me being around Goffredo. At the beginning its innate vitality and lightness appears contagious but almost incomprehensible. For me who desperately needed to feel loved, it was like a silent explosion. It changed everything, but without my noticing it. I started to see in him, as if it were a reflected image, things about me that I was not aware of before. Day after day it teaches me to fly over futility, to believe more in myself. all this, probably, without even realizing it.

A love that exploded suddenly, therefore, but which did Aurora good. It will be precisely for this reason that mother Michelle has welcomed her daughter's companion with affection and without reservation. Goffredo, in fact, is now part of the family. Ramazzotti then added her best wishes to the boy:

My love today marks a piece of your path. I will do my best to follow it with you, without hindering you but only by pushing you. Envying a little your patience and your way of life but knowing that if I need, I will always have you by my side to pass on some. Best wishes.

In short, the couple appears happier than ever. After reaching this important goal, will the next step be towards the altar? The wedding is probably not yet upon us and, for now, the two boys are only thinking of enjoying a happy and peaceful summer.

Aurora Ramazzotti's sweet dedication to her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza. Source: Instagram

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