Aurora Ramazzotti, travel to London before the transfer

Aurora Ramazzotti, travel to London before the transfer

The young Auri, daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti, before taking the plane to the City was immortalized at home next to a huge suitcase and backpack

Aurora Ramazzotti, the sweet daughter of Eros and Michelle

Everything is ready for London. Aurora Ramazzotti is immortalized on social networks before leaving for the English capital: "Suitcase, passport and shirt with cow". The shot portrays her with a travel outfit: witty t-shirt, skinny pants, sneakers and hat with visor.

Perhaps it is an early Easter holiday or perhaps an inspection before moving permanently to London where, as he revealed during his first TV interview, he will start his university studies. In fact Ramazzottina loves Great Britain. Who knows how the distance from his heart friend Tommaso Zorzi will live with whom the young Auri enjoys posting many photos and exchanging ambiguous messages on social media. Perhaps making the official boyfriend, Edoardo Gori, jealous.
Meanwhile, spring has blossomed in London and Auri has published a double image that portrays it under a cherry tree and comments with an aphorism by Osho Rajneesh:

Grow in awareness and grow in freedom. Make your choice with each step. Create yourself and take full responsibility

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