Aurora Ramazzotti will conduct two radio programs

Aurora Ramazzotti will conduct two radio programs

Aurora Ramazzotti makes her radio debut: Michelle and Eros's daughter will run two programs

Aurora Ramazzotti will conduct two radio programs on RTL and Radio Zeta. Michelle Hunziker's daughter and Eros Ramazzotti surprised everyone by announcing the new radio adventure on Instagram. After the experiences in television with the X Factor Daily and Want to Bet? next to the Swiss showgirl, Aurora has decided to try a new experience.

For her, two radio programs. The first is The Flight on RTL where the social corner leads, the second is Generazione Zeta, where she is the star of a talent together with Marco Falivelli. To support it there is obviously mother Michelle Hunziker, who in the Instagram Stories has already published numerous videos to celebrate her daughter's debut as a radio speaker.

Smiling, spirited and beloved on Instagram, Aurora Ramazzotti is looking for her way into the world of entertainment. The 22-year-old has never hidden the desire to follow the footsteps of mother Michelle, but after Want to Bet? it seems his future will be on the radio.

Also very proud was Eros, who spent the last weekend with Aurora before the radio debut. The singer is currently on tour and her daughter joined him for a horse ride. The young Ramazzotti is very close to both parents and remained close to Eros in the difficult period of her separation from Marica Pellegrinelli.

"My father and I are very attached – he revealed a few weeks ago to the weekly Oggi -. I have the Applewatch connected to his bike, every day I watch how much he trains and I call him. Over the years I have learned to be close to him in the right way … I respect him, he is a reserved person, even for this I do not talk about him ".

While on mother Michelle confessed: "I had a difficult adolescence for the continuous comparisons with my mother. She is a beautiful woman and I love her madly, I did not understand why they had to force things and create a confrontation that does not exist between us […] Today I feel safer, a little because I am older, a little because I feel better physically and I get a lot of praise besides the usual insults ".

Aurora Ramazzotti – Source: Instagram

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