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Eggs, chicken, strawberries: three ideas for a Sunday lunch

pranzo domenica
Cook with what we have at home and bring everyone to the table for a Sunday lunch complete with eggs, chicken, strawberries In summer there is less desire to stay in the kitchen but also to do the shopping. So here is a series of ideas for a quick, fresh,…

Dark chocolate and beer cake, the first step towards happiness

Torta al cioccolato fondente e birra
A mix that we have never tried for an excellent dessert also as a gift: here is the dark chocolate and beer cake Special flavor for a special dessert: it is the dark chocolate cake and beerto be prepared with a classic base of flour, eggs, butter, sugar and cocoa,…

This is not a banal salad, but the best dish of the summer

insalata di pollo
If the summer asks us above all for cold dishes, we offer chicken salad with boiled potatoes and courgettes. It doesn’t take much for a dish for connoisseurs Summer calls for freshness and we respond with a very rich chicken salad with boiled potatoes and zucchini that is born as…

Soft brioche without eggs, a carefree breakfast

Pan brioche
Among the many recipes for brioche bread, this is one of the best and most practical to prepare without eggs. And the end result is applause As good as the pastry, but homemade. This version for soft brioche bread it is light because it does not contain eggs and the…