Autumn and first colds: SOS hair. Remedies for the fall

Autumn and first colds: SOS hair. Remedies for the fall

Telogenic defluvium: to counteract the onset of this disorder, you can opt for useful and effective remedies. Here are some important tips

Telogenic defluvium: what is it exactly? This pathology is common and affects many people, both men and women. This is seasonal hair loss and can often be caused by various factors, which negatively affect the health of your hair. At the base there could be unknown intolerances, bad exposure to the sun (although it is more frequent in the months following the summer) or inadequate nutrition. And here is the dreaded hair loss. Sometimes, this problem can manifest itself in a mild form, but in other cases also in a serious form. Therefore it is essential to go back to the triggering causes, in order to solve this discomfort in the best way. Even better if you try to prevent this pathology. A few precautions are enough to have a thick and healthy hair. Even hair, in fact, needs special care and attention.

Hair loss can be triggered by problems related to the scalp, which can often be more sensitive and vulnerable. In particular, the arrival of spring and autumn can turn into a real nightmare because a large amount of hair can be lost. This discomfort, or telogenic defluvium, mainly affects women but generally tends to disappear within a few months. In the latter case, we speak of acute telogenic defluvium, while if the pathology persists beyond six months, we speak of chronic defluvium.

What are the triggering causes of this insidious pathology? For example, starting from the diet, a deficiency of amino acids or vitamins, in particular vitamin D, iron and folic acid could cause the appearance of the problem.

Not only that, sometimes the cause could also be celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

In addition, a correct sleep cycle plays a fundamental role. To avoid hair loss, you must pay close attention to exposure to ultraviolet rays, which could prove harmful to the health of the skin and hair. Even hair, in fact, needs a lot of protection and prevention, since prolonged exposure to sunlight can sharply hinder their growth and compromise their development phase. As a result, the hair suddenly starts to fall out. Hair growth is called "Anagen", while their loss is called "Telogen", from which the name telogenic defluvium derives. In some circumstances, therefore, this problem could prove to be truly insidious and persist for many months.

The first step is to opt for a dermatological specialist visit, in order to detect the triggering causes with the help of an expert. In fact, it is necessary to understand if it is a telogenic defluvium or another disorder affecting the scalp. To carry out this important examination, the doctor will ask for the necessary analyzes to establish the diagnosis. These analyzes will also include an examination of thyroid activity. Once you have the results, it will be easy to trace the causes of hair loss and you can take action in the right way.

In this regard, however, we must not forget the simple and useful precautions that, overall, help to effectively prevent pathology. First, nutrition plays a fundamental role for hair health. It is therefore a good omen to always follow a healthy and balanced diet, associated with the most suitable supplements, in order to perform a treatment that aims to block the loss and stimulate the Anagen at the same time, i.e. the growth and development of the hair. Within a few months, a clear improvement could already be noted. Once the causes and critical periods have been established, it is necessary to resort to a maintenance treatment, to guarantee the correct well-being of the hair in a persistent way, completely reducing the risk that the telogenic defluvium will occur again.

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