Autumn outfit with three simple garments, for a super trendy look!

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Do you want to create an autumn outfit but you still have a wardrobe full of summer clothes and you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we reveal a secret! Here’s how to create an autumn look with three super trendy pieces!

Switching from one season to another is always very complicated, especially as regards fashion! The day before we wear swimsuit and sarong and the day after the temperatures have changed and we find ourselves buying the first sweater that happens to us! From today everything will change, because we are going to create an autumn outfit with some items you already have in your wardrobe!

Autumn outfit

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The seasonal change is traumatizing, because the sudden change of temperatures does not leave us more time to get used to and organize ourselves. From one day to the next we feel we are catapulted into a new season, without even realizing it.

In addition, we who are true fashion victims have a serious problem: ci find ourselves not having the right outfits because we have not yet made the wardrobe change of season! So we find ourselves walking around the center and buying clothes that we don’t like so much just out of necessity! A real waste of money and energy!

Do you know why? There is a perfect, trendy autumn outfit that can be made with three garments that we all own and always have in our wardrobe because they can be used all year round!

Are you curious to know how this famous look is made? No more chatter, here is the fall outfit we should all wear!

Autumn outfit with three simple items: soft jeans, oversized shirt and sweater! For a casual chic style!

Trends change every year, this does not mean that we have to buy our entire wardrobe every year. The secret is being able to adapt the garments we have to resemble the new trends! This is the real fashion secret!

Autumn outfit

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see how this is composed autumn look of the moment:

  • Let’s start with our best friend, jeans. Wear the model you like best: whether it is wide or skinny, or straight. The important thing is that it is clear!
  • The next step asks for a shirt! Possibly white and wide. If you don’t have it, borrow that of your friend or relative!
  • Over? For colder days, close everything with a fine sweater. The collar of the shirt must come out from the neck of the sweater! For less cold days, opt for the sleeveless sweater! You will see better the shirt you are wearing underneath and you will be at the top! By the way, this model of jeans enhances your b-side, amazing!

Autumn outfit

Photo from Pinterest

The license plate style guide ends here CheWoman who saw how to create the trendiest autumn look of the moment in three simple steps!

To the next style guide, to know all the secrets of fashion!

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