Autumn outfits: brilliant ideas to be in line with trends

Leather-colored jackets and accessories, jeans used in a transversal way and colors ranging from nude to strawberry pink. Let’s find out the most proposed outfits for autumn – winter 2022 and 2023.

Taking a cue from the Milan fashion week that is about to come to an end (on September 26) and also looking at the influencers on their autumn social pages for a week or more, we see some fashion inspirations to create warm outfits that stand out from the crowd.

Coolest autumn outfits 25-9-22

Source: Canva.

From the apparently absurd proposals to the reassuring blue jeans, here are the alternatives of the moment to the usual old looks.

How to dress in autumn to be comfortable and always elegant

The trench coat in the classic beige color with the black beret it is undoubtedly one of the most viewed outfits in this MFW and in general on the glossy magazines that dictate the law. Whether you opt for the always valid Burberry whether you orient yourself on the shiny new model of Isabel Marant (990 euros) or up Acne Studio (760 euros on My Theresa), the French combination is the coolest you can find.

Momoni outfit 25-9-22.

Source: Pinterest.

As we analyzed just yesterday, why not combine the mission of appearing taller with that of autumn trends? In this way, it could be possible to bet everything on monochrome which, in our case it will be white, from chalk to cream, specifically made up of palazzo trousers, turtleneck or crewneck sweater and coordinated outerwear.

The nightgown dress o oversized masculine is back but not only with combat boots and multi-pocket shoulder bags, now it’s minimal! Even for those who are not really convinced to leave the house like this, one thing is certain, it will be hard to be more comfortable.

Lime and electric blue for autumn 25-9-22

Source: Pinterest.

A color that we will find also in the next spring it is the Chinese blue, a kind of electric blue that is already everywhere. The choice will fall on trousers tied to the ankle or on a blazer, the certainty is that you will have to wear it with white or with an equally eccentric color such as lime yellow.

The jeans in the form of shoes, boots and bags (wonderful ones created by Fendi with testimonial Bella Hadid) is what struck us most and that is proposed by the most famous luxury brands in the world. At this point we don’t know where to start but just look at what we already have in our wardrobe to create the most immediate match on us. For other news, there is always time.

Silvia Zanchi