Autumn-winter make-up: trends from fashion shows

Autumn-winter make-up: trends from fashion shows

What will be the trends of the new season? The answer is in the previews of the fashion shows in Paris, Milan, New York and London

Autumn 2018 promises to be a special season where some trends of the year will continue undisturbed and others will be confirmed. We had some anticipation during the fashion shows in the capitals of the fashion quadrilateral: from Paris, to New York, from Milan to London, here are the 4 cardinal points on which to focus.

Make up no make up

For months on the face of every model and every influencer, the no make up is still a trend to ride also for the autumn of 2018. The charm of Meghan Markle and Christina Aguilera who amazed with her natural and freckled look "On the cover of the Paper Magazine is still undisputed. With some slight changes directed towards a soft countouring: nothing extraordinarily colorful, but an imperceptible and sophisticated blushing on the cheekbones in pastel shades of peach and pink. Even the new explosive and colorful creation of Peter Philips for Dior, Fall Look Dior En Diable, opts for fishing and deep pink: they will be two cool shades at least until Christmas.

Glossy effect

The nude dresses the lips also for autumn, but shines with reflections: the glossy effect is preferable to the matte finish since the lips must appear turgid, soft and sensual. However if you want a color on the lips, this will be only the intense and opaque red in all its shades.

Magnetic look

The eyes are still the real protagonists of make-up. Between minimal graphics, bold eyes and upside down make up, there is something for everyone. The important thing is to enhance the eyes and make them magnetic even when opting for a nude look. However it is the eyeliner that takes hold of the eyelid and becomes one of the fundamental tricks of this season: there are those who prefer glitter and those who are supervitaminic even if black remains one of the options.

Perfect eyebrows

The eyebrows that up to a few months but have lived their wild moments, are now defined and ordered, even if they tend to always be very marked precisely to give weight and personality to the look. Just a pair of tweezers to define and a light pencil to fill and you're done.

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