Babchi, the Indian flower that eliminates wrinkles

Babchi, the Indian flower that eliminates wrinkles

A substance that contains this flower that comes from India would be able to counteract wrinkles: here's how

Those annoying crow's feet that form on the sides of the eyes, or the fine lines around the lips, or the signs of expression: how many times do you look at yourself in the mirror and don't like yourself?

Wrinkles, as we know, are among the worst enemies for a woman, which is why anti-age discoveries are always welcomed with enthusiasm. Even more so when it comes to natural remedies.

And it is precisely in this sector that Babchi is inserted, an Indian flower that contains a substance with great properties. This was explained by the British Journal Dermatology which showed how this extract, bakuchiol, is important for fighting skin aging. The result obtained is similar to that of retinol, but without some of the annoying problems that can cause the latter.

To better understand how it works some volunteers have been subjected to the use of two different cosmetics. A part of these tried a cream containing the extract of the Indian flower and the other part one with the retinol.

If both groups achieved a more beautiful skin by attenuating wrinkles, those who used Babchi extract had the best and least annoying feedback.

The scientific name of the plant is Psoralea Corylifolia and has long been used both in Ayurvedic preparations and in Chinese medicine. The result obtained after some application is similar to that which vitamin E gives us, going to reduce the signs of fearsome wrinkles.

Among the various properties there is that of acting as a light exfoliant, and it is known that removing dead cells is good for the skin of the face. It also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, thus acting on tissue regeneration. The result? A healthier and younger skin.

As in everything, however, its use must be limited to creams that contain a correct percentage, because excessive use may not give the same results.

But it must always be remembered that a cream is not enough. A healthy diet is essential to fight wrinkles, accompanied by the right consumption of water and a careful daily cleaning that is not too aggressive for our skin.

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