Baby birthday

Baby birthday

For our children we always want the best and every birthday must be a memorable event that will leave a beautiful memory in their memory. As for the organization of the party, you can indulge yourself with any idea you think is the most suitable to make your child happy. The secret to a successful party, however, is to ask him directly what he prefers to do on "his day": if you allow him to choose the decorations, the cake, the invitation cards and other things, surely the little one will be very happy and will start having fun before the party even starts.

Simplicity is often the key to success when organizing an event that will involve a number of children. It is not uncommon, in fact, that children have fun with "nothing": sometimes only the company of other peers, combined with their unlimited imagination, are enough to spend a memorable day full of fun.

On the contrary, if you try to organize every moment of the party down to the smallest detail, the children may end up bored. The ideal would be to think of a generic program with activities for the children to carry out, but very flexible: be ready to change it at any time to leave the little ones, and especially the birthday boy, the freedom to do what they prefer


Attention to detail can turn your home party into an event to remember. And you don't even need to spend capital! Invitations, hats, cockades and medals for games can be made safely at home. A little cardboard, markers, glue and lots of imagination are enough to create personalized gadgets that will give the party a unique and original touch. Involve the little boy in the making of these small objects and you will see that he will have a great time.

Chaplets for all guests
Cut a strip of cardboard high enough and long enough to cover the circumference of the head. Cut triangles from the top of the cardboard strip and color the crown with markers. It is possible to draw many colored precious stones, or glue buttons or pieces of crumpled crepe paper onto them. Finally, join the two ends of the cardboard and fix them with scotch tape. The crown is ready to be worn.

A sea of ​​balloons
Even to make the environment more cheerful it takes little. One idea, for example, is to fill a room, perhaps of a smaller size, with many colored balloons. Move the furniture against the walls and inflate lots of balloons to fill the whole floor. If you really want to do things big, inflate others still to create a real colorful sea where children can "swim". If instead you find the idea of ​​a sky of balloons more fun, get some helium and you're done.

The necessary for the party: useful addresses
Baloon Express
Here's the party


For the birthday of a child born in the warm months, the ideal is to organize a party in the garden or park. The colors of the flowers and the green of the trees and grass will contribute to the children's good mood, creating a natural setting where children can have fun safely.

You could offer children classic games, such as football, volleyball, steal the flag, hide and seek, the beautiful figurines, etc., or turn on the stereo with their favorite songs and let them unleash on the notes of the Macarena or the theme songs of their favorite cartoon.

Water, earth and sky
A nice game that can be done in the garden is "Water, earth and sky", a fun pastime that allows children to practice both physically and intellectually. It goes like this: a child is at the center and leads the game (this honor could be given to the birthday boy) while all the others form a circle around him. Whoever is in the center throws the ball to another child saying "water", "earth" or "sky". Whoever receives the ball must relaunch it to whoever leads the game shouting the name of an animal or object that is in the called environment.

Green, red, yellow
In this game that recalls the colors of a traffic light, you must first establish a starting line and an arrival line. The children all have to line up and one adult directs the game. When the director says green, the children must move forward, while when he says red, they must stop. If he then says yellow followed by the name of an animal, the young must advance by imitating the movements and verses of that animal. Those who make mistakes (move forward with red or don't know how to mimic the animal) go back to the starting line.

Party professionals: useful addresses
Uncle Fest


The birthday of our children is a day of great fun. But what if, while having fun, they could also learn something?
We list below addresses and proposals to organize a fun, original and – think! – even educational for the birthday of our puppies.

Milan: Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum of Milan organizes themed birthday parties within its structures.
The offers are very varied: Paleoparty (7-10 years), Magoparty (7-10 years), Dinoparty (3-6 years), Pratoparty (3-6 years), Esploraparty (3-6 years).
Prices: € 11 per child (minimum purchase € 110).
Contacts: 02.88463337
Corso Venezia 55 – Milan Milan: Civic Aquarium
At the Civic Aquarium of Milan, the Verdeacqua company organizes water-themed birthday parties that guarantee, in addition to fun, also a certain attention to the didactic aspect.
3-5 years: it includes a story about sea animals, various games and a guided tour of the aquarium tanks.
6-10 years: a series of cunning and agility games between the tanks will accompany the children to discover the underwater world.
Prices: there are 3 options: SMALL OFFER (€ 12 per child), MEDIUM OFFER (€ 15 per child), LARGE OFFER (€ 20 per child).
Rome: Explora, the children's museum
Superparty: welcome game with the animators, free play in the museum, animation reserved for the party. (Price: 12 € per child)
Party: welcome game with the animators, free game in the museum. (Price: € 10 per child)
Pajama party: dinner party, activities, overnight in the museum. (From € 900 for 20 children. For each additional child: € 35)
Prato: Textile Museum
Fun workshops and games related to the world of fabric.
Prices: Mon-Fri 160 €, Sat-Sun 200 €
Bolzano: Museum of Natural Sciences of South Tyrol
Curious games, surprises and interesting discoveries. Topics to choose from: small geologists, celebrating scientists, the world of animals.
Prices: 130 € (max 12 children)
Alternatively, for a birthday to remember, you could organize a trip with the closest friends to Gardaland or Mirabilandia, 2 of the largest amusement parks in Italy.


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