Baby on arrival: how to prepare the nest

Baby on arrival: how to prepare the nest

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The arrival of a baby brings infinite emotions, but to fully enjoy our little miracle and avoid unnecessary stress, it is advisable to organize the reception of the new arrival well in advance.

The newborn will need above all care, attention and love, but there are also some indispensable objects for his well-being that will have to be ready when taking him home for the first time.

Car seat
The only way to make a baby travel safely in our car is protected by a correctly secured seat.

The cradle
Our baby will need a cot or a bed equipped with a reducer to sleep soundly. The mattress must be rigid and not leave spaces at the edges where the child could fall. For newborns, pillows and blankets that are not too heavy should not be used (prefer more layers of light blankets to put on and take off if necessary).

It is advisable to have a supply of diapers the size of the newborn and at least one pack of the largest size: babies grow very quickly in the first weeks of life.

You can choose a traditional wheelchair or a trio set. The latter usually guarantees some savings because it includes three elements, but if we think of letting the baby sleep in the wheelchair, the traditional ones are more suitable for the purpose because they are more spacious.

First aid kit
We ask our pediatrician what are the essentials (thermometer, patches, etc.) that must never be missing at home when a newborn arrives.

The baby will need rompers, pajamas, socks and shirts suitable for the season. In addition, he will need a couple of covers and two or three changes of sheets for the cradle.

Babies learn a lot through touch and taste. Some toys can help them develop psychomotor skills from the first days of life: rattles, stuffed animals and musical games will guide our baby to discover the world.


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