Bach flowers and flower therapy: how to dissolve stress

Bach flowers and flower therapy: how to dissolve stress

One of the most used herbal remedies to combat stress, anxiety and panic attacks

"Iron tree", this is the name of the plant on which the Hornbeam grows, useful for the preparation of herbal remedies. It has a very hard wooden stem and a thick green crown and is used to decorate many gardens and parks. The essence obtained from the Hornbeam, one of the many Bach flowers, is useful for restoring vigor to exhausted people, victims of psychophysical stress. Those who suffer from concentration disorders, feel unmotivated, do not sleep because of stress and feel an intense need for rest, should take the preparation obtained from this plant daily.

The essence of Hornbeam has the property of functioning as a natural tonic, capable of relaxing and promoting the recovery of vital energy to face everyday life. It is an excellent remedy against stress, capable of restoring calm and serenity in the midst of our hectic daily activities. This preparation has also proved very useful for all those who use a lot of sight, especially for those who have to work all day with a computer or those who play frequently with the playstation. Dab your eyes and forehead with a cloth slightly moistened with a few drops, you will have immediate relief.

The real efficacy of herbal remedies has not yet been demonstrated from a medical scientific point of view; however, many patients claim the usefulness of these products. Bach flowers are a completely natural remedy, which can hardly cause side effects. There is a group of doctors, who say that the use of flowers only brings a benefit similar to that of the placebo effect; others, however, are avid supporters of their effectiveness.

Bach flowers are divided into numerous groups, each of which is suitable for solving a particular problem. However, the homeopathic doctor Bach has created a mixture of five flowers, called Rescue Remedy, capable of offering general well-being to anyone who takes it, regardless of the ailment it has. Very strong stresses, panic attacks, uncontrollable anxiety situations, can be calmed by taking this preparation.

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