Bach flowers, women’s friends: how they work

Husband, children, elderly parents, boss, colleagues, friends: for a woman, being able to juggle family, professional and social life is not always easy. Bach flowers can help, nourishing and awakening important aspects of femininity that offer an edge. “These flower remedies they act on our emotional side“, explains Anna Franchininaturopath in Milan and Novara.

«To obtain this result, Bach flowers do not go to suppress negative moods, but develop the opposite virtue, so that discomfort no longer has a reason to exist. If, for example, we were troubled by fear, the action of Bach flowers would be to strengthen courage. If we wanted to quell anger, they would increase the love of neighbor. This it helps to bring out our potential, because it brings out all the best resources we have at our disposal in an innate way ». So how to stimulate “girl power” with the help of nature? How to bring out the main female resources?

To bring out the intuition: C.erato

It is the Bach Flower that helps us to listen to our most intuitive part. Often, having to shoulder a thousand daily commitments, we stop listening to each otherwe move away from our essence and lose our natural intuition: thus, faced with choices (even the most trivial), we risk making decisions that are far from what we really are or, while hearing an inner “voice”, we do not we trust and let ourselves be misled by what others say, especially in times of increased stress, confusion and fatigue. Cerato puts us back in touch with our identitywith what we are and what we really want.

To promote calm: White Chestnut

It calms the mind, it calms it down. It is useful when we are full of thoughts, when we cannot unplug and we constantly mull over things, when we can’t sleep at night because the brain is too wandering. This Bach flower eases mental tension, gives clarity, makes the vision of the world more serene and also calms the mania for control, typical of women and rather wasteful in terms of energy. Also Cherry Plum it can be useful in moments of high stress, because it relaxes the nerves and helps to feel, recognize and adequately express our emotions. Often, in fact, we are under so much pressure as to incorporate all negative emotions and then suddenly explode: this flower brings back to calm.

For inner strength: Centauty

It can happen that we always put the needs of others first, putting our own needs aside. It comes to the aid Centaury, which strengthens the will and helps us to say a few more “no”. It is useful when we put ourselves too much at the service of those around us and manifest a excessive altruism, bordering on servility. This Bach Flower stimulates healthy selfishness, what helps us to be “fully ourselves”, without getting lost in what other people want. It can also be useful to free us from an addiction (like cigarette smoking) or to reach a goal (like sticking to a diet), because it works on the will and offers us support.

For the balance between duty and personal needs: Oak and Elm

Oak helps manage a sense of duty, perseverance and efficiency, but without these values ​​taking over and taking away the pleasure of doing things, leading to physical and mental exhaustion. It is a perfect flower for those who are too faithful to the sense of duty and obligation, for those who go forward at all costs facing the “wind in their face”, for those who never slow down and transforms daily life into a continuous sacrifice: Oak helps us to recognize our limits, to relieve ourselves of some burdens and to allow ourselves a few moments of respite and relaxation. It also goes in the same direction Elmanother flower that helps us to live more lightly, abandoning some responsibilities and limiting our load of commitments, which often also manifests itself with a sense of cervical contracture.

To develop loving and understanding skills: Holly and Beech

More than all the others, Holly it is the Bach flower connected to the heart: opens it, warms it, consoles it. Also excellent in case of love disappointments, it is perfect when we are angry, if we are angry and “hardened” by life, if we need to show more openness, softness and understanding towards others. Equally useful for developing understanding is Beechthe flower of tolerance, which helps us to be less critical, more understanding towards the diversity and uniqueness of others, more inclined to sharing.

To keep unconditional love at bay: chicory

Chicory it is ideal for those who take excessive care of their loved ones and are too possessive, intrusive, suffocating, present. This Bach Flower helps to develop autonomy, that is the ability to take care of oneself as we take care of others, but also to take care of others in a disinterested way, without expecting anything in return.

To increase self-esteem: Larch

We women are “teachers” in self-sabotaging, in feeling inadequate, inferior and less capable than others, always on the verge of failure. Larch stimulates self-esteem, helps us to like ourselves more and not fear confrontation, strengthens the ability to dare, to cultivate our talents and to build success. This Bach flower there makes us feel proud of who we areimproves the image we perceive when looking in the mirror and instills confidence in our femininity.

For acceptance: Crab Apple

Considered the flower of liberation and purification, Crab Apple there it helps to “cleanse” all the negative that we feel inside, so it makes us feel beautiful, regenerated, pleasing. This remedy supports us in developing the ability to welcome ourselves and our physical appearance, making us feel in order, at ease. Due to its detoxifying effect, carried out both physically and emotionally, it can also be supportive in low-calorie diets.

To develop empathy: Water Violet

Water Violet it acts on detachment, it brings us closer to others when we struggle to establish emotional contact with them, when we tend to remain aloof. This flower helps us to understand other people better, but also to make ourselves understood in turn, creating connection. Not by chance, it can be used before an important business meeting or if we have to speak in public, because empathy increases.

How to take Bach flowers

«It is important to seek advice from an expert for match the flowers together in the most targeted way possible, up to a maximum of seven. Pharmacies and herbalists can then prepare special formulations on request », recalls Anna Franchini.

«Generally, Bach flowers are taken in the dosage of 4 drops, to be poured under the tongue, 4 times a day at specific times: in the morning as soon as we wake up, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening before going to bed ». But of course the secret always lies in personalizationbecause after having finished the first bottle it may be necessary to continue the journey with a second blend, perhaps different and updated, because it must reflect the individual evolution that has taken place in the meantime.