Back pain, exercises to do in bed if you stand a lot

The readin addition to being the ideal place to rest, it is also a fantastic wellness tool with which we can
perform simple exercises for prevent back pain and neck pain.

Here you will find some exercises to do before going to bed to help restore the physiological curves of the spine and relax the muscles by facilitating sleep. Word of Benedetto Toso, professor of posturology at the Catholic University of Milan and founder
of the Back School.

You find two sequences, one to do if you always look at the devices, the other if you are on your feet all day.

The exercises to do if you always look at your pc or mobile phone

This exercise uses the weight of the head to cause a natural traction with which to decompress the intervertebral discs, relieve tension and restore the physiological curve of the cervical area. This is useful if you spend many hours with your neck flexed, on your computer or cell phone.


Lie on your stomach with your head at the end of the bed, accompany it with your hands and let it protrude a little, so that the edge of the mattress moderately accentuates the cervical lordosis. Hold the pose for a minute or two. To control relaxation, run small head rotation movements. When you need to get up, lift up your head with the help of your hands and then slowly rotate on your side to move into a sitting position.

The exercises to do if you spend many hours on your feet

This flexion exercise helps stretch the extensor muscles of the lumbar area: it is useful if you suffer from back pain when standing and if you work long hours on your feet.


1. Lie on your stomach with at least two pillows under the abdomen and relax up when you hear this pleasant location.


2. Rest your torso on the bed by doing stick the pelvis out, with the lower limbs slightly bent and resting on the ground. Relax by letting your pelvis go down a little e the knees due to the force of gravity.

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