Back Pain Remedies

Back Pain Remedies

Personalized physiotherapy sessions and good daily habits are some of the remedies to be adopted in case of back pain. Discover the expert's advice.

How many times has back pain knocked us out? Probably more than one and yes it wasn't pleasant. Not to mention that, in some cases it can be so strong that it prevents us from making even the simplest and most obvious daily gestures.

The back is the area of ​​the body that starts from the neck (back) up to the buttocks. It therefore includes several areas consisting, among other things, of muscles and bones that can be affected by inflammation. The immediate consequence, therefore, is more or less intense pain, which can be localized or can spread to other areas. And here is back pain, a widespread musculoskeletal disorder that knows no age.

In fact, back pain is common in the population and can affect children, adults and the elderly, albeit for different reasons. And if an isolated case should not cause great concern, surely an eye should be paid to those cases that persist or that recur in a systematic way.

The remedies that can be taken in case of back pain are different and depend on the cause that caused it to arise. The advice is to hear the opinion of a specialist to undertake as soon as possible a personalized therapy that goes to treat the symptoms and eliminate the cause.

In case of back pain, in fact, waiting for the disorder to disappear on its own is not the most suitable way. On the contrary, the pain could increase and have repercussions on everyday life.

What are the causes behind back pain and what are the remedies to be adopted? We talked about it with Dr. Francesca Barosso, Physiotherapist with a Master in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health.


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«The causes of back pain are many and varied. Among the main ones we find:

  • trauma;
  • sudden movements (for example, the well-known "witch's stroke");
  • degeneration of the intervertebral discs, which can lead to protrusions, hernias and muscle contractures.

Another common cause is the incorrect posture assumed during the day or when driving for long periods of time. Lifestyle also affects the health of our backs: for example, a sedentary lifestyle makes the spine less flexible, while obesity increases the load that the vertebrae have to support. Finally, stress and anxiety can generate pain and tension in the back muscles, ”explains the doctor.

Our musculoskeletal system is strong, but also sensitive to incorrect postures maintained for some time and to sudden (and wrong) movements. Moving correctly, thus avoiding overloading the back, is a good starting point to keep this annoying ailment away.


«Symptoms can vary greatly depending on the cause of the back pain. However, the most common symptoms that can occur are:

  • dull ache;
  • muscle tension;
  • feeling of stiffness;
  • difficulty moving or even staying seated.

Furthermore, the occurrence of a burning pain that radiates to the buttocks or along the legs, may indicate a nervous suffering », explains Dr. Barosso.

If the pain persists or becomes more intense, it is good to investigate to understand the reason as it may no longer be a simple inflammation, but a more serious problem.


"Untreated back pain can become chronic and worsen over time. In this case, back pain can be added to widespread pain in the legs (for a potential involvement of nerve structures), causing an even more intense disorder, postural damage, psychological stress and fear of carrying out any physical activity for fear of aggravating the situation"


«In the initial phase, rest and warm compresses can relieve the symptoms of back pain. In cases of more intense pain, medications can be taken, after consultation with your doctor. In the presence of back pain it is however recommended to rely on physiotherapy sessions. The physiotherapist can in fact intervene promptly with a specific treatment through:

  • manual and instrumental therapy;
  • joint mobilizations;
  • muscle strengthening;
  • massage therapy;
  • educational advice;
  • modifications of the athletic gesture.

Finally, it is important to underline that simple lifestyle changes make it possible to prevent back pain, such as maintaining your ideal weight, avoiding incorrect postures, strengthening the trunk muscles and improving back mobility through stretching exercises ", he concludes. the expert.

Prevention therefore remains the first weapon available to avoid the onset of back pain. Otherwise, you can act with remedies that take into account the causes that triggered it.

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