Back to school 2020: what changes and new rules

Back to school 2020: what changes and new rules

Back to school next September, here are the news

In recent weeks, there has been a lengthy discussion about returning to school, next September 2020, to adequately address the renewed hygiene and safety needs due to the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. Now comes the provision that establishes the new rules for dealing with the return to class.

After a long debate that has taken place in recent days, the MIUR has approved the guidelines that will allow Italian institutions to reopen their doors for the start of the next school season. Children and young people stayed at home for several months, taking advantage of distance learning to continue with the program, due to the closure of schools of all levels and to deal with the health emergency that has affected our country. Now, however, it is time to look to the future.

We return to the classroom: the date set for the restart of the classroom lessons is 14 September 2020, but the schools will reopen already from the 1st of the same month for students who have not reached the sufficiency at the end of last school year . The need to maintain an adequate social distance will inevitably lead to the expansion of the spaces to be used for educational activities and to a greater number of ATA teachers and staff.

Each individual institute, based on its needs, will be able to propose teaching flexibility models, provided that each pupil is guaranteed the same educational offer: among the various hypotheses, school attendance in different shifts appears, the use of didactic activity in the presence combined with the digital one (only in secondary schools of II degree), the use of laboratories and the organization of lessons in outdoor spaces (for example in museums, theaters and parks).

As for hygiene measures, school environments will be sanitized more frequently and shared spaces will be disinfected between one use and another. Hygiene products will be available to students and school staff. The use of the mask is currently envisaged only in the common areas (in the atrium and along the corridors, in the canteen, during each movement), but the MIUR reserves the right to modify the discipline during construction, in the event that the the increase in infections should make it necessary to adopt greater security measures.

In the kindergarten, where contact and socialization are fundamental elements of the school path, different measures will be taken. Children under 6 years of age have no obligation to wear a mask, which will instead be mandatory for teachers and ATA staff. The school sites and all the material in use (from toys to educational equipment) will be sanitized daily. Each school can provide special staggered entry and exit formulas, to avoid gatherings.

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