Back To School: how do students with SLD experience it?

Back To School: how do students with SLD experience it?

School is a source of anxiety for many boys and girls and in particular for students with SLD

Back To School 2020: how do DSAs live it?

School is a source of anxiety for many boys and girls and in particular for students with SLD. This year then promises to be full of unknowns that risk making the situation even more complex. We asked Gabriola Chetta, DSApp tutor, how they dealt with the lockdown and how they are preparing to live the school year that has just begun. His advice? Tranquillity!

What did the closure of schools mean for children with SLD?

"The most total godsend". This is Gabriola's answer, who knows well that for an SLD going to school is not a pleasure, but a cause for discomfort. Of course it depends a lot on the class, but SLDs risk feeling excluded and more than the difficulty of reading and writing weighs on the psychological contour for them.

"Getting up in the morning without the anxiety of going to school was a relief. If then the teachers have adopted alternative ways of teaching, for example through videos, the results have been good. If, on the other hand, they limited themselves to assigning chapters to study, the learning difficulties were greater and this year they will inevitably find themselves having to recover the pieces they have lost, especially in subjects such as mathematics and English ".

Has homework assistance for DSA continued even at a distance?

Even in the months of lockdown, the DSApp center continued its activity. “We were already quite organized from an online consultancy point of view. Therefore we have proposed to our children to continue our homework help via the web.

The answer was different: those who were already following many hours of DAD did not want to spend the afternoon in front of a PC too. With those who joined, however, the results were positive. The distance made everything a bit more difficult, but having already started a journey it didn't go badly. "

Have you found effective distance teaching methods?

"Yes, we have started several courses: from dactyl-rap, in which we teach children to write on the computer with ten fingers in time to music, to the course that accompanies in the preparation of exam papers starting from the mind map, to the potentiometer (cognitive enhancement games) for primary school children, to the watercolor course for mothers and children up to the creation of an online escape room entirely designed by children. "

For DSApp it was also an opportunity to open up a new market, not only linked to the territory, but with the possibility of reaching students and parents from other parts of Italy as well. All this, however, on one condition: "We like comparison and therefore even for online courses the number must be limited, the ideal is to be 4 or at most 6".

How have you equipped yourself to face this new school year full of unknowns?

“We are restarting with our activities on site because we have quite large spaces. For the Stracompiti we asked the Secondary Schools to send us students with SLD certified children to work alternation: having a tutor who has had the same difficulties as you and has overcome them is a powerful example for our children ".

For the resumption of school, Gabriola's watchword is "tranquility", because being overcome by fear does not lead to anything positive!

Did the school learn anything from this emergency?

"It certainly gave a good boost, it showed that there is also another way to teach, using videos, films, digital books, platforms to do online homework as a quiz". Redooc, for example, makes gamification one of its strongest weapons. The interactive exercises are at levels of increasing difficulty and allow you to accumulate points to enter the rankings, earn diplomas and buy your favorite avatars. So studying is more fun and school can finally become a pleasure!

In short, “we wish all teachers to use the tools and strategies learned during the DAD by integrating them with traditional lessons. It would be a great step forward for the school and above all a great help for many children. "

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