Back to school: the ideal snacks to take to school

Back to school: the ideal snacks to take to school

Sandwich, snack or fruit? 14 ideas to prepare in advance and easily carry in your backpack

Back to school. What are the best snacks for children to prepare in advance and why is the mid-morning break such an important appointment from a nutritional point of view for our little ones?

As specified in the recent Guidelines for healthy eating developed by the Crea experts, a small mid-morning snack is useful because it allows you to maintain constant attention during school work and to arrive less hungry at lunchtime. On the other hand, a too rich snack can cause a high digestive commitment, which can influence attention and learning, as well as reduce the appetite for the next meal which will therefore be consumed in insufficient quantity, thus altering the right rhythm. of the food day.


  • The ideal snack
  • Examples of snacks for children
  • First of all, a good breakfast

The ideal snack

Snack, sandwich or fruit? The choice – the experts underline – must be adapted to the child’s lifestyle: if he has a very active lifestyle, this characteristic must be taken into account and offered a slightly different snack compared to that of the child who has a more active lifestyle. sedentary. But even the same child will need a different snack on the day he plays sports than the day he just sits down to study. The simplest way to avoid the risk of eating badly as a snack is to play in advance by preparing a school snack at home.

Examples of snacks for children

1 medium fruit (100 g) Easy to carry, light and in season: a fruit is the ideal food for a mid-morning break. Alternatively, diced and stored in an airtight container.

1 whole yogurt (125 g)

1 fruit smoothie (whole milk)

Bread and… For sandwich lovers, it is possible to prepare in advance a snack based on 50 g of bread enriched with 20 g of jam or 15 g of chocolate. Those who like the savory version can opt for bread and tomato (50 g of bread, tomato, 5 g oil) or bread and cheese (50 g of bread, 20 g of semi-mature cheese such as caciottina).

Nuts (30 g). Easy to pack in your backpack, takes up little space, is nutritious and filling. The important thing is that it is not salty or sweetened.

Occasionally you can also include foods that have a meaning of gratification such as desserts, for example 1 slice of donut or an unfilled sponge cake type snack (50 g) or an ice cream (60 g) or white or tomato pizza (50 g). However, it is good to pay close attention to the portions: a snack is still a snack and not a lunch.

A water bottle should not be missing in the backpack. Insufficient hydration, in fact, could decrease the levels of attention and concentration.

First of all, a good breakfast

Our children’s days, between school, homework and extracurricular activities are often very busy. This is why it is essential that the little ones start the day in the right way, trying not to neglect breakfast at home, especially in school age. An adequate breakfast to ensure the right supply of nutrients and energy to face the first part of the day is composed, for example, of milk or yogurt, accompanied by bread, or biscuits, or rusks or other baked goods or breakfast cereals, the latter preferably integral, the experts suggest. Italian children have a low consumption of fiber so it is good that at least half of the cereals consumed are wholemeal.

The advantages? In addition to providing energy and allowing you to arrive at snack time without feeling hungry, having a correct breakfast also has an educational value from a nutritional point of view, as it is associated with a better quality of the diet of food choices compared to a diet in which breakfast is neglected.

More importantly, the habit of breakfast also positively affects the cognitive and scholastic performance and learning of children. Therefore, it is forbidden to skip it.

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