Back to school: what should not be missing in your kids' backpack

Back to school: what should not be missing in your kids' backpack

Case, colors, pencils, pens … the list is endless: let's see what you can't miss in your kids' backpack

Backpacks and backpacks are already in front of the door, ready to be forgotten in the morning, when it's all running: school is about to begin! But what are those objects that cannot be missing from your children's backpacks, whether they go to kindergarten or go to school? Here is a small useful list.

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Back to school, what should not be missing from your child's backpack: nursery school

The kindergartens always deliver the list of what must be inserted in the backpack of our little ones who begin their adventure among their peers. In general, this includes customized bibs and towels, a complete change, paper handkerchiefs, sometimes a hat or slippers. For the little ones, a sheet, pillow and sleeping doll. For my daughter, I proceeded to label everything with thermoadhesive labels that I ironed or applied to every single object and I had chosen a pair of white bibs / towel sets, to be able to bleach if necessary.

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Back to school, what should not be missing in your kids' backpack: primary school

Here too the teachers provide a very detailed list. Regarding the choice of the backpack, my advice is to leave princesses and superheroes aside, which would last a maximum of one year. Better to opt for something more classic, which at least has some hope of coming in fifth. For books and notebooks, here too I suggest the use of adhesive labels, such as those of Petit Fernand. All the same, easy to use and proof of mothers who have little time available.

As for the choice of notebooks, if possible, opt for recycled paper: not only will you make a green choice, but you will also teach your children, without even noticing it, the value of making a concrete contribution to protecting the planet, for what little they can. After all, you always start as a child, with little things!

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