Back to school

Back to school

Influence permitting, the doors of primary schools, kindergartens and high schools will reopen in a few days. However, the danger seems to be averted, and the closings will be there if and when they are needed.

In the meantime, the rites linked to the beginning of the school year begin again. The purchases to fill backpacks and satchels, the complaints about the dear-school and the dear-books, the apprehensions of mothers who leave their children for the first time in kindergartens and those of parents who wonder if the time to let the kids go to school alone.

It is time for the little ones to beat the iron as long as it is hot, whether it's the diary of Barbapapa or the latest Eastpack backpack, this is an opportunity to give vent to their desires. But in a climate of recession, the parents are not very inclined to consumerism and rather look after the substance: fewer brands and more organic clothing complete with an organic cotton satchel made in India!

If you want to inculcate the taste of studying to your children from the first grade, an initial investment is essential to build a corner dedicated to young students at home, where you can do your first homework in peace. A small table and a child-friendly chair can do much more than many words. And when you don't want to spend too much, you can dare a DIY work – perhaps with the help of a willing son – following one of the current trends: recycling.
On the same educational line, the campaign against waste that starts from kindergarten, with albums, pencils and blocks strictly in recycled paper and cardboard.

Even school-fashion adapts to the times and abolishes frills and brands exhibited among the counters, in favor of a more sober and practical style. What is the first step towards a great return of the apron?

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