Back to the nineties! That’s why we like this style so much

Back to the nineties!  That's why we like this style so much

Why the nineties in fashion are so popular it is easy to say, the style emanates indifference towards the impositions of all kinds, independence, rebellious sensuality and feminine demand. Let’s find out.

Whether you are tall, short, thin or fat, it is certain that the outfits that recall the last decade of the last century will suit you perfectly.

Nineties outfit 19-4-22

Source: Canva.

The brilliant thing is this camouflage the parts of the body that we like least and emphasize (alas also with cyclists) the areas we love the most. Let’s see together the items to have absolutely in the wardrobe and to show off “asap” to remember Brenda from Beverly Hills, Rachel in Friends, Britney Spears, Linda Evangelista and many other icons.

The nineties are back! Dress like this to be cool

The cream and pink tweed crop jacket by Mango it is certainly one of the emblematic leaders of that period.

Nineties cult series 19-4-22.

Source. Pinterest.

For those who were already there, the mind will go to the superstar supermodels of that period who, thanks to their slim bodies, properly valued the creations now by Valentino now by Gianni Versace. It costs 69.99 euros.

H&M instead proposes a short flared denim skirt with front buttons in silver metal. The high waist and trapeze shape make it suitable even for those with generous hips. It can be found on the official website with a 40% discount for only 11.99 euros.

The Seamless di black cotton crop top Stradivarius it has long sleeves and leaves the belly in full view, ready for a match with light jeans with a high or medium waist, or, why not, with a skirt in perfect college style. Given the rising temperatures, it is better to avoid socks but multi-pocket ankle boots continue to be in fashion so you have to indulge yourself. It is also available in white for 12.99 euros.

Bella Hadid nineties style 19-4-22.

Source: Pinterest.

The women’s silver sneakers with 4 cm wedge heel Lora Ferres they are not the mythical Fornarinas but in terms of structure they recall a couple of that era. In silver, white, with zip, wide strings and glitter on the sides, they go with almost anything. The price is 29.99 euros on PittaRosso.

Alternating the yellow trend with that of the nineties will ensure that you are always new, unique, special. The worst choice would be to settle down in one style, you have to keep active, curious, so you are wonderful!

Silvia Zanchi

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