Backpack, how much it must weigh and what the back risks

Backpack, how much it must weigh and what the back risks

Backpacks should never exceed ten percent of the weight of the child carrying them. How to avoid back risks

Is there the right formula to avoid overloading the child's shoulders with an excessively heavy backpack? Probably not, but we can still try to move with common sense, keeping in mind some simple scientific realities and above all remembering one thing: the load on the spine is not correlated with the onset of scoliosis, a real pathology that does not depend on weight backpacks.

Watch out for loads

Having removed the scoliosis issue, with the consequent anomalous curvature of the spine, we must not forget that the weight of the backpack must be kept under control, avoiding exaggerations that can be really counterproductive for well-being.

A general rule can help us, especially in the little ones who are starting the school adventure: backpacks should never exceed ten percent of the weight of the child carrying them. In short, a child weighing thirty kilos should not have more than three kilos of volumes, diaries and notebooks on his shoulders.

There are two other elements not to be forgotten. “Once upon a time the satchel, which nevertheless only allowed the weight to be carried on one side, was often placed or left on the ground. Today, however, backpacks are placed on the shoulders when leaving home and kept until school, and vice versa. This leads to exposing the baby's body to weight for prolonged periods. In addition, many modern backpacks are very beautiful and elaborate, so they already weigh "a lot" when empty. It would be important to choose lightweight backpacks.

The risk of overweight, however, is not called scoliosis. But certainly during the journey from home to school and also during the lessons one can assume incorrect attitudes, driven not only by the weight stimulus but also by spoiled positions on the chair and on the bench, it can make it seem that the back tends to "bend" on a side.

The vice of position, in the long run, can also give way to a slight back pain that must be prevented. The backpack, in this sense, is an important element. First of all, it should have a rigid back, to ensure that the weight does not drop down, and have wide and padded straps to avoid peeling on the skin of the shoulders if you need to carry many books. The same straps must be at the same height and allow a perfect adhesion of the backpack to the back without letting it fall under the pelvis. Otherwise there is the risk that running the child brings his back forward, in a non-optimal position.

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