Backpack trend: let's go back to school!

Backpack trend: let's go back to school!

Big, small, colorful or sparkling, the backpack is once again a great protagonist of street style. Let's see some looks from which to take inspiration!

Backpack the same school? No sir, the backpack is back in the limelight, both on the catwalks and on the roads. Forget that it is an exclusively sports accessory: the looks to match it with are many and range from the most elegant and formal to the most casual. Ready to see someone to take inspiration from?

Backpack trend: metal for the office

I like metal, you know. Look at the look below: I find that the combination of colors is absolutely to be copied. Light colors look great with metal and even the stiletto heel, for the office, can fit. This does not mean that a backpack like this can be very well inserted even in a more street style context. Remember: jeans plays down everything!

Pinterest source from Shot From The Street

Backpack trend: mini

Who said that the backpack must necessarily be giant? Look at the picture below: the backpack may very well be mini! A mini accessory to carry with you, to slip into your phone, keys and lipstick … a little doll thing!

Source Pinterest

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