Backpacks brands for girls: here are the coolest ones

Backpacks brands for girls: here are the coolest ones

The backpack is a super practical and super cool accessory! Let’s see the trendiest brands not to be missed

The backpack is not just an object in which to put books, notebooks, pencil case (and cell phone, lipstick and all the rest!). It is a real cool accessory and as such it also follows the courses and recurrences of fashion. Let’s find out together the brands not to lose sight of!

Backpacks brands for girls, here are the coolest ones: premise

When I was a girl, the Jolly Invicta went a lot. Alex’s backpack, the protagonist of “Jack Frusciante left the group“, a cult novel of those years. I remember that in high school I had it too: it was blue and green and, just think about it, I had even exhumed it from elementary school, when I had filed it because it seemed too “grown-up”. How I loved him! The other cool brand was Napapijri, which at the time had made a backpack very similar to today’s Eastpack. I still have mine: it was sky blue, now it’s gray and full of pins… but I’m very fond of it!

Backpacks brands for girls: here are the coolest ones

Backpacks brands for girls, here are the coolest ones

Returning to today, here are the brands that are seen most on the shoulders of high school girls.


Eastpacks never go out of fashion: they are basic, light and capacious and are available in many colors and variations, more or less capacious and structured. Some have full or external pockets, others pockets and compartments at sight. Let’s say that the basic model is the one that never sets.

Fjällräven Kånken

Swedish brand of backpacks for girls (but also for boys) that can be carried on the shoulder, but also by hand. Among other things, the company is very attentive to the environment and the conditions of the workers and carries out periodic internal audits in the factories it relies on.

Backpacks brands for girls: here are the coolest ones


The universally known brand for sneakers has also created a line of basic cut backpacks, with an external pocket. Roomy and easy to maintain.

Borsa Le Pliage Longchamp

Ok, it’s not a backpack, but those of you who feel a little ladylike, can borrow the super classic Longchamp bag from their mother: the Le Pliage model is an evergreen that never tires, super practical, to carry to the elbow or shoulder in larger models.

Brand of backpacks for girls: the detail not to be forgotten!

To personalize your backpacks, the phone beads will be the indispensable detail! These are those colorful beaded necklaces in which you can also enter your name or a short phrase and that you can hang on your mobile phone, case or backpack: have fun!

Backpacks brands for girls: here are the coolest ones

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