BackToSchool2020 – What do the tutors of SLD students think?

BackToSchool2020 - What do the tutors of SLD students think?

BackToSchool2020. The school is about to restart, after so many perplexities, controversies and fears. What do the tutors of DSA students think?

BackToSchool2020. The school is about to restart, after so many perplexities, controversies and fears. What do tutors of SLD students think? We asked two "Didactic Allies".

We too as Educational Allies are preparing to equip our children in the best possible way for a peaceful restart and we are very excited. We miss kids very much, too, just like them we feel the personal relationship that we have missed a lot is of vital importance. And how will the boys be living this eve? And U.S? We are Valentina and Angelica, Learning Technician and Psychologist, owners of the D + Definitely Super Fascinating After School in Milan and we will answer you through an interview that we will do with each other. Who starts? Since we're talking about school … let's go in alphabetical order … :)))

Dearest Angelica, the school is about to restart after a 7-month break! What do you think is the main need of the boys in this epic return?

And you Angelica, how do you feel? After months of DaD, masks, how do you live the reopening?

What is the desire that will accompany you this year?

Wow Valentina, 7 months of school closure, you're right it's really an epic return! It will be obvious but the first thing I imagine for this eve, in the boys, is a strong emotion, indeed we also speak in the plural because I believe that there are many emotions, happiness and impatience but also fear, restlessness. Of course, because as you say, the main point of reference after the family, the school in fact, suddenly disappeared and the uncertainties that are experienced for this awaited reopening are many; I believe that the first need is to reconstruct with them the school as a reference context, helping them to regain possession of their known bases and to find them again, even in a context that has changed due to habits and rules that must be adopted. Context reconstruction and relationship reconstruction because let's face it, despite the miracles made by many teachers, DDA (Distance Learning) has really produced a social distancing and children, like adults, found themselves very displaced to have to live the other only through one screen, for months! If we think about it, the children have experienced a truly paradoxical situation: efforts by educators, parents and teachers to limit the use of devices and technology and then find themselves in these months to experience them as the only tools for contact, study and relationship. And I believe that this will be another challenge, to restore the correct and useful use of technology by trying to create spaces, albeit spaced out!, In which meeting and communication with others find the right importance. Another thought that I would like to add and which fortunately I hear circulating a lot in these weeks, is the need to gradually re-share the rules and habits of everyday life with children and young people: the alarm clock, preparing the folder and materials, respecting timetables and deadlines … I believe that parents should first try to recreate old habits, not forgetting that all these daily rituals have been lost in these months of lockdown. A gradual return to everyday life will be another challenge to be faced together with the kids. Who knows that, like small groups of children, we cannot offer parents a moment of discussion to share a space for discussion on these issues, I would like very much! We hope to be able to make our contribution on these issues, to families, children and teachers.

And you Valentina? What do you expect from this school start?

Eh Angelica, do you know what I expect? Or perhaps better to say what I want: a little lightness, I want to start creating, playing and thinking about the future with confidence in a proactive way. Guys need this and so do I, I'm honest. It would be nice to do the sharing you suggested with our groups: we know that super charming people have extremely open and alternative visions! I'm curious about it. For the rest, I can't wait to see how they have grown up and continue to help them become little adults. What an amazing year, indeed… Definitely Super Fascinating. Angelica Franzi and Valentina Secchi Afterschool D + Definitely Super Charming – Milan

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