Bad breath: advice not to go wrong

Bad breath: advice not to go wrong

Food to avoid and some tips to solve a long and annoying problem

A garlic crouton, a heavy meal, a half day on an empty stomach, stress … There are many causes of bad breath, as well as poor oral hygiene naturally. It is a delicate topic, so much so that often those who plague friends and relatives with unpleasant smells are not even aware of it. Unless a pious soul takes the stomach ache to point it out, but it almost never happens. Too embarrassing.

The solution comes from England, for those who want to check themselves before a romantic date, for those who are afraid of having a heavy breath. It's called Kiss me meter and it's a small detector capable of perceiving bad breath. Measuring a few centimeters, it has an attractive design, you can put it in your handbag, keep it in your pocket or attach it to your cell phone like a pendant. He approaches the mouth, gives a breath and waits for the response. There are 5 colors to indicate the level of unpleasantness.

The remedies? The most banal: brush your teeth well, keep your tongue clean (yes to the stakes to clean it), use dental floss, rinse with a mouthwash (there are also in handbag format) and for emergencies, keep strong mints ready. The lesser known: eating carbohydrates, eliminating them from the diet can cause the onset of bad breath, avoid heavy foods (garlic and onion are out, of course) or fried, limit coffee (yes, yes) and cigarettes, drink lots of water. If the problem persists, consulting a dentist is the best solution, tartar is the real enemy of the fresh mouth. Carbonated drinks do not help while a snack or a pack of breadsticks to break the fast facilitates a lot. Having the classic breath freshener spray on hand is as important as not forgetting your house keys.

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