Bad Moms 2: 2.0 mothers return to the movies, much more bad

Bad Moms 2: 2.0 mothers return to the movies, much more bad

Moms of yesterday VS mothers of today, so different but so similar

Once upon a time there were home-based mothers, reference points of the domestic hearth, engaged 24 hours a day in the care of the home and family. Mothers linked to tradition, constantly present and faithful to the idea of ​​an ideal mother.

But how did this role evolve in the age of technology and social progress in the field of equal opportunities?

Today it is not uncommon to meet women who alternate their work profession with that of mother and wife, constantly running in search of a balance (family and personal) between everyday life and ideal life.

Women 2.0 manage work, home and family on a daily basis, without counting all the related activities: the parents' committee, children's sports and recreational activities (football, judo, gymnastics, theater time) and why not, maybe even the care of a pet, rarely finding the time for a yoga class or an aperitif with friends.

If being an ideal mother was not easy for our mothers, now it seems impossible. In fact, many women have the feeling that they do not correspond to the "perfect mother" model handed down by Italian culture. But from the States comes a universal message: "There are no perfect mothers", a word from Mila Kunis who, after the success of the first film, returns to the big screen with a comedy full of politically incorrect: Bad Moms 2 – Mothers much worse , designed by the same authors of Una notte da leoni.

In the film, produced by the Leone Film Group, we will find the trio of irreverent mothers composed by Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) grappling with the family festival: Christmas.

The "bad moms" method, this time, will be used with the aim of getting rid of any convention, boycotting the Christmas decorations and gifts. However, our protagonists will have to deal with a group of women devoted to traditions: their mothers over fifty.

Thanks to a solid cast and a perfect comic look, populated by pungent (but realistic) jokes, the film hits and hits the mark: entertains, entertains and leads to reflection. What do moms really think, what do they feel and what do they want?

The message that is grasped is that despite everything, today's women, with their busy schedules, full agenda and shopping list at their smartphone, with their difficulties and imperfections, are multitasking and, to their own way, exceptional.

The film, which had already hit the box office in the first chapter, offers a modern and all-female view of the family, giving all female spectators the chance to identify with an emancipated, bold, but sensitive protagonist who deeply loves her children , like all mothers … those of yesterday and those of today.

To learn more go to Leone Film Bad Moms 2

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