Bags "under the eyes": the fast remedies

Is the return from the holidays harder than expected and in the morning the effects of the lack of sleep are evident? Don't worry, here are some quick remedies

If on holiday you have become accustomed to a long and relaxed sleep rhythm, you will only be able to wake up with the notorious bags under your eyes for the first few weeks. But don't despair, there is a remedy for everything. First of all it is good to check what are the causes of this blemish: did you sleep little, or is your diet rich in salt and alcohol? Sometimes the causes are to be found in alterations such as thyroid problems or allergies to some particular food.

Once excluded these possibilities, starting to sleep again following a certain regularity is certainly useful, but it is not a remedy that acts quickly. Sleeping well and with a fairly high pillow counteracts the formation of the bags: from lying down the capillaries swell and the serum settles in the fat of the periocular area. If this situation is repeated often, it can make unsightly bags under the eyes permanent.

Among the long-term remedies there is also the diet that must be variegated, with little salt and sugar and rich in vitamins A, vitamin C and beta-carotene, which strengthen the capillaries, tone and drain. Prefer citrus fruits, kiwi, yellow and red fruits, carrots, peppers, cucumbers and green leafy vegetables. The regularity rewards the appearance, but surely the effects are not seen immediately.

So when you get up in the morning with the bags under your eyes what is best to do? Here are some quick remedies:

  • If you really have the seconds counted, one of the old remedies is to keep two teaspoons in the freezer or in the refrigerator and in the morning place them on the eyelids for a few minutes: the cold activates the micro circulation with the effect hoped to remove the swelling. This also happens when you put ice in a clean cloth and put it in contact with your eyes. However, it is better not to overdo the ice packs.
  • If you have a few more minutes, you can make yourself a fresh compress by dipping cotton balls into fresh milk: twenty minutes and the bags become a memory.
  • The smart solutions that involve about 10 minutes of sitting are very simple but effective and use two natural remedies known since ancient times. Just cut two thin slices of potatoes, place them on your eyes and relax as long as necessary and you're done. The potato has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the presence of a type of enzyme, called catecholase, which can eliminate impurities and toxins and starch helps eliminate even wrinkles: a real panacea for the eye area!
  • Another support for our eyes is cucumber. Rich in amino acids, vitamin C, water and mineral salts it is useful on the eyelids, and also in nutrition: rich in silica, it strengthens and strengthens the tissues giving elasticity and tone, but helps eliminate toxins and counteracts water retention. A good food habit.
  • Finally, among the "easy and fast" solutions there are the chamomile and mallow wraps: the mallow has soothing properties, while the chamomile has substances such as flavonoids and softening, refreshing and decongestant camazulene. In the evening, besides drinking a good relaxing herbal tea, it is good to let your eyes rest too.
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