Bailiff, Marini, Fallaci and the others: the divine according to Giovanni Ciacci

Bailiff, Marini, Fallaci and the others: the divine according to Giovanni Ciacci

Giovanni Ciacci, from Gattinoni to "Detto Fatto"

Arrives very tired in the heart of Milan to drink (yes, it still exists between banister houses, taverns and farmhouses) and Giovanni Ciacci welcomes you like this, as if he has always known you. Divineism is his job, yet nothing of what surrounds him seems artificial. The absolute protagonist of the look changes of Detto Fatto is in total black, plays with the fan, arranges his scarf, dispenses the right words at the right time with sciura, with the journalist, with the fashion victim, sensing the needs of the interlocutor to be heard. Give yourself time in what was much more than a presentation in the Midali store (we refer to his book "Divina!", Vallardi publisher), but an experience of comparison. His no botox philosophy ("They would all be the same!", He told us) avoids a stereotyped aesthetic ideal. His first book manages to combine his human and professional experience with the rules that made him the image consultant of Antonella Clerici, Valeria Marini, Caterina Balivo, Myrta Merlino, to name just a few. This, therefore, wanted to be an interview, then it turned into a meeting where the uniqueness of an exceptional career emerged.

Your first book has a very pop approach. As it happens in transmission, you have used simple, direct language and have provided practical advice to normal women who wish to have an ordered and, in some circumstances, divine appearance.
"In my work I have always mixed pop with the most sophisticated part, but I have always loved more the aspect closest to people's sensitivity. So much so that I have always chosen to work with popular national women, a term I have always loved, since it was used for Pippo Baudo. For me, a popular nationality is the most superlative, it means reaching the heart of the people, reaching everyone, from all sides, working for "La prova del cuoco" and doing Sanremo with Antonella Clerici and Valeria Marini , I learned what it means to be popular, which is the thing I like best ".

But you are afraid of the camera …
"At the time of starting. Having said that – which I didn't want to do – I had doubts, perplexities. I absolutely didn't want to do. Having said that, I keep saying it. I feel terrible when I have to go on broadcast, I get a stomach ache. Being used for 25 years "Behind the scenes, when I turn on that red light, I get a very strong emotion. Fortunately, the landlady, Caterina Balivo, I saw her grow up. For me Caterina is like a sister. When I met her she was one of the candidates for Miss Italy, we have known each other for over 15 years. This is the thing that keeps me going, otherwise you know how long I would have given up? When Caterina asked me to do this thing, I said: 'Very well, though "I want to make people understand the world of divas. And bring my work experience to ordinary ladies." And Catherine immediately accepted the idea, because that was what she definitely wanted. She is very good, clever in her work, has an intuition special com and all the television women, he understood this side and came out. Changing is a game, a game I play with the ladies. A game I also play with Sophia Loren, also with Liza Minnelli. Be yourself, don't pretend ".

Two prefaces, written respectively by Caterina Balivo and Myrta Merlino. A television woman and a journalist
"I do not say this out of pleasure, I say this because I love her: for me Catherine remains my Caterina. Not by chance I wanted two special women for the prefaces. For me Caterina and Myrta are very similar. They have the common denominator being Neapolitan, these two friends carry the sun of Naples behind. For me it is fundamental the positivity. I become crazy from the pleasure when Myrta replies to the politicians, when its Neapolitanity comes out in very formal situations ".

What can you tell us about Barbara D’Urso?
"My other great friend, not surprisingly, is Barbara D'Urso. She likes and can't like what she does, but Barbara has created her own style of television, she has her own way to lead. Everything can be attributed to her, except that does not know how to express this radiance ".

But I wanted to talk to you about a very important woman in your life, who in your book you say you love so much: Valeria Marini
"Speaking of solar people: Valeria is a ray of sunshine, since she wakes up in the morning when she goes to bed. Valeria is a hurricane of fun, of madness, of work because Valeria is really a great worker. Whatever you do "He is committed to how few people in the world have seen. He has put his whole life into work. I have learned this from her: the great willpower of working, of being tenacious, of not giving up, and this thanks to a very strong family, Valeria's mother, Gianna, is a very firm woman, I call her the medical officer, she is a strict, disciplined woman whom we have all learned to know on the island of the famous. he asks me if I have lost weight ".

Does it make you suffer the fury against Valeria?
"Yes, I suffer a lot because I love her very much. I don't know if she suffers because of this, but knowing Valeria very well and knowing her very, very sensitive as a woman, I think so. I think the decision she made, I mean to the separation from Giovanni Cottone, even if I don't want to go in it was a very, very painful decision. Maybe there are things we don't know ".

Valeria arouses an undeniable sympathy that derives from her ability to transmit humanity
"Valeria is a woman of goodness, of a generosity of spirit that you cannot imagine. She is a girl with golden principles and it hurts when I read certain things. But like the others she has decided to do this job: it is You can't like everyone. Like Barbara D'Urso: it hurts me to see how they treat her for the profound commitment in that program, the results of which you see. You may like it, you may not like it. for women's rights, for animals, for the rights of homosexuals and for gay marriage ".

Giovanni, what do you think of the lingerie in view of Agnese Landini (Matteo Renzi's wife, ed) during the G20 in Australia? Do we want to advise the ladies to avoid making mistakes concerning lingerie?
"Frankly, I didn't see the photo you are referring to, but Mrs. Landini seems to me to be a well-dressed, elegant woman. I will tell you that I don't mind the lady. We can tell the ladies that the lingerie is part of an outfit and never forget to combine the linen with the dress. This component is also part of the set of small rules that I reveal in this book ".

Let's go back to the book, "Divine". Your volume is a guide to refine your taste. Is the purpose of stimulating a sensitivity towards beauty?
"I find it correct to hone your taste. Then, if a lady feels good with her lace bra, all spotted and thus expresses her personality, it means that she feels good then that's okay too. I wish I were also caught a "Another aspect, in this book. I close the book by quoting one of my countrymen, Oriana Fallaci. I love her very much. I find that" Useless sex "should be adopted in schools. It is a manifesto towards education for civilization, few "I have read in my life. And yet she and Camilla Cederna had relegated them to fashion commentators. She had understood everything. I find this the perfect synthesis. There are rules, but if it comes out then your personality is worth nothing. As it wrote Oriana: Be sophisticated. Don't be simple. Dress in black. No, dress in red. Put your pockets on your bottom. No, put them in the right place. Be thin. No, be normal … So the most logical consequence is the following: dress yourself, dear ladies, whatever you like ".

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